Sunday 18 February 2018

Understanding the unsaid emotions...

Understanding the unsaid emotions

I believe we all have a desire to be succinctly understood. Sometimes we want that to happen magically but it doesn’t. Mannier times in our life we let fear stop us from speaking our mind, making amends or clearing the air in relationships only to regret it. If the other person falls ill or passes away. Whether they want to tell their partner how much of an impact they have on their life or tell their colleagues-they to forgive her. There is so much healing that is lost when the truth goes unsaid.
Self-expression can be challenging, especially. If you have been not encouraged to share your feelings as a child. Many people experience major blocks when it comes to communication around deep feelings. Yet on the other side of that fear of being vulnerable or of ‘doing it wrong’. There is endless probability of more love, forgiveness, and connection that really can be miraculous. Sometimes with just a few words a relationship can change course and start progressing in a better direction.
If you are someone who has difficulty expressing how you feel, start by questioning about yourself. You can begin by practising, at any point throughout your day, closing your eyes, taking a deep breath and naming three emotions you are experiencing. This simple yet effective exercise creates deeper self-knowledge. Once you begin to understand what is going on in your own emotional life, it will be easier to communicate your feelings to others.
While it may take time to feel totally at ease saying it like it is, the better self-expression is possible. The more honestly you share yourself with others the more meaningful and fulfilling your
relationships will be.