Wednesday 29 August 2012

Love Is Complicated

Love is a complicated situation to be in. We prepare ourselves to fight the world for it, but sometimes love itself lets us down and we are left in a dilemma to wait or to move on !! Truth is, that if we loved someone from the depth of our hearts, then we fail to accept that we were betrayed and we fail to let them even go. We try and we fail to move on and we are only left with an option to fool ourselves that one day 'The one' will return back tous  and value the feelings that I have for ‘The one’" !!!

Love is complicated and is probably the understatement of all times. It's hard  to find someone and fall in love to begin with, let alone finding someone you love and the complications of life that keep you apart..
People have to live with this for the rest of their lives and ‘WE’ still function like normal human beings. Talk about your own cross to bear.

To truly love someone, your love for each other has to be unconditional love. Period! If there are conditions on your love, then it's not really love, but rather a convenience of sorts. You may get along, and enjoy each other’s company, but as soon as baggage shows up, differences of opinion arise., Then you say to yourself, this isn't worth it anymore, then the  supposed love for each other was not truly unconditional love.

Yes, people change, and some people tend to start to grow apart too. Let's not forget problems with friends and family members make a relationship go sour too. Then is the strain of finances, working so many hours that you and your partner become strangers. Raising children isn't as easy as pie, especially if you have ones that are challenged.

There are ex-husbands, ex-wives, step children, loss of jobs, separations, and a multitude of other challenges I haven't even mentioned. Dealing with all these issues that may affect your lives, and still loving and nurturing each other, is unconditional love.

The separation and/or divorce from each other can then be considered what? Well, to be fair here, there are reasons that even if unconditional love may have existed initially, physical abuse is one very good reason to leave this relationship. And of course there are more, but this article is about unconditional love. The decisions to leave are yours and yours alone.

But as problems arise in relationships and marriages, for some if not all, there are bound to be problems. We are humans after all. But it is dealing with the issues, is what unconditional love is all about.
They may not be easy, and they may be heartbreaking. But if you remember how much you loved this person the first day you said, I LOVE YOU, then you need to hold that feeling close to your heart, and work it out.

We all fall in lust, and we all fall in like. Some may say this is impossible. People change, or they weren't like this when we got together or married, some say. Can it be a difficult situation? In a word, yes. But if you tell someone you love them, and it is based on the condition that things never change from where they are now, then is it really love? Or maybe just a lot of like ??

Love Is Just Complicated
You ask me to communicate
What it is I feel within
I search for words to assist
But., I find none to help me begin
I guess love is just complicated
Love is just complicated.

I thought I knew my heart's desire
I thought I quenched my burning fire
I thought I wanted "A"
But "A" was to mixed up with "B"
Then "C" made me more confused
So "A" turned off me and "B" feels
Better. "C" is upset and lonely
And me, I think Love is complicated....

Love is just complicated....

Thursday 23 August 2012

Book Review – ‘That's the way we met’ by Sudeep Nagarkar

That's the way we met’ by Sudeep Nagarkar

‘That's The Way We Met’ by Sudeep Nagarkar


This is the  second novel by  Sudeep Nagarkar..I had read ‘ Few Things Left Unsaid’ and when I heard that Sudeep Nagarkar"s next book ‘That’s the way we met’ is released I immediately ordered it from flip-kart.

This is a sequel story of "Few things left unsaid ” - Aditya and Riya who meet as acquaintances, but happen to fall in love….. they parted and again got along.  In this sequel “That’s the way we met” their love story is been redefined and remembered once again.

The story of Aditya and Riya moves further with different twists and turns by virtue of destiny in it….to know how and what one has to read “That’s the way we met”.
Now my Positive viewpoints:
This is the  second novel of Sudeep Nagarkar, who has done a good job and justification to this love story. I just loved the way he has mentioned his characters (Mohit & Soman) which seem lively enough. He has explained the beauty of Manali, Rohatang Pass and other places. The author has explained the chemistry between Aditya & Riya really well.

The author has expressed intimacy & boldness between the two really well, with no vulgarity in it.

Also a lavish Punjabi wedding is a very well explained phase of the story.
Some suggestive points:
Although the book’s end shows a different aspect of Life & Love which is all together good for any individual … a reader   expects  either a happy ending of Aditya & Riya’s marriage  or a settled future for both in their respective lives.. This is just a suggestion….
Final words:
Overall if asked I would say...this is a good job done by Author ( Sudeep Nagarkar) but not to the level of the previous one.

Tuesday 21 August 2012

Just to say..still.I Love you....

I really tried so hard to hide,
What I really feel inside,
I tried to show you that I'm fine,
That my heart is really mine.

But even though how much i try,
There's one thing I can't deny,
The fact that hey, I love you still,
And that is what i really feel.

I know that i should put this to end,
And accept that we're only just friends,
I don't know why I can't do,
Or should i say i don't want to?

I know it's kinda impossible,
But i'd still hope while i'm able,
I hope someday you'll open your heart,
And let us make a brand new start.

Let's forget all the others,
Your love and mine are all that matters,
Let's live our life together,
And forever love one another.

But if you think that my fantasy,
Is impossible, so I shouldn't plead,
Then i'll accept that we'll never be,
Coz I know you don't love me.

But don't ask me to stop loving you,
Coz that's one thing I can never do,
And if someday you ask me if i still do,
I'd say- Hey, i still love you!!

Just to say..still.I Love you...

Some feelings of a closed one appreciated and shared with you all........

Friday 17 August 2012



In the past, women were treated as mere slaves in all walks of life. As they belong to the weaker section, men used to keep them under thumb. They were denied freedom. They were kept like dumb cattle within the four walls of the house. Indeed, they had no rights. Their most sacred duty was to obey everyone blindly.
Though the visage is fast changing, yet women are still treated, in some respects, in conservative manner. No one feels happy in the home at the birth of a female child. Even numerous cases of female foticide are being reported. Even an only daughter is supposed to be a curse for the family. She is regarded as a decree of lakhs of rupees for dowry on the parents. Further, as a wife, she has always to obey her husband despite being an equally earning member of the family. Even today they are not to reason why, theirs but to do and die.” was the motto for them. Even educated and modernized husbands want to see their wives to confine to the old values. The noble professions of women in the outside world are considered to be of no concern to them. In most of the families husbands are treated as lords and gods whether they may be good or bad.
Though changes are affecting our society but gradually. Our country is changing politically, economically and socially, at a swift speed. The condition of today’s women is also changing gradually.
Now women cannot be kept as sheer domestic servants. Today’s women are playing an important role by supporting her family financially. They are also taking part in noble professions of medical, engineering, economy, Science, Law, Space and various other fields. Thus, they are playing a vital role in the development of the country. But at the same time, they are mal-treated at different levels, be it’s a work place, a local transport even in the public places. Any where any time they have been targeted, demoralized even humiliated in this male dominated society.
If a women is a working professional then she will be targeted, demoralized even humiliated by her seniors, clients, colleagues or any of the other subordinates. If she is still in the period of the educational days then may be her lecturer, teacher, tutor, class mate or any of the fellow mates of same institute will be there for such kind of acts. Even the small girls have been targeted as we all hear and read the several cases of child rape and child abuse.
Now such things forced me to think is this is what our country is changing to. Our country’s politicians are repeatedly saying that women have been given equal voting right with men and they will now perform an active part in outside affairs also.
But is it what that is happening actually , instead of it there are more and more cases coming up of rapes, child rape and child abuse, demoralization and humiliation day by day.
Our leaders pronounce it proudly that today’s’ women is on the leading march. She is now an equal partner in her family. Her future is bright. 

Tuesday 14 August 2012

Love & Care – Expectation or Attachment

 Love & Care – Expectation or Attachment

 Today when we all have so much busy & hectic lifestyle just a thought came to my mind, we found it very difficult to spend quality time with our beloveds or our loved ones. More or less we all are doing well in our businesses or jobs, which keep us totally occupied. But the fact is we hardly spent time with each other and even if it is asked by either of the one its becomes a botheration.

We all have our own deadlines, targets to achieve, we had to meet clients, make sure the deliveries were done as promised, and also source new clients. We do all this very efficiently and reliably, but do we ever wonder how much time we spare for our loved ones, how much time we spend together, Even if some of us do then to it is more or less to discuss the business, difficulties, tension and other details.

Do we ever think to find out the solution for this lack of quality time with our loved ones. 

It is very important, this quality time together. Bonding time is essential for personal growth as well as for the relationship to grow. The inward as well as outward growth of the relationship is important. It can happen only when we as an individual decide to take action.

In earlier times, the man would go out to work. His timings would be 9-5, after that he was free to spend time with his family. The lady would be generally a homemaker and they also had weekends to spend with family. There were designated holidays, and they wouldn’t work on those days. Life was leisurely and the needs and wants too were limited.

It is not so now. Those who work in software companies, their day starts early and ends late. Or the spouses are on different shifts and they hardly get to meet. Sundays or holidays are not free days. When a project has to go on time, no one can afford to take time off. Invariably when one spouse gets home, the other is sleeping. 

This type of working, can sap the energy and all the free time will be used up in sleeping. I do not say that software professionals are the only ones with this lifestyle. There are other job areas where people have to spend longer time at work and less time at home.

After work, relaxation can be incorporated. One can plan and go on trips together and once in a while get to chill out. But the bonding between family, friends, lovers and couples. One has to spare some time for these precious relations for themselves exclusively. 

One has to agree on this commitment and make sure this together time happens. Nothing and nobody gets to interfere in this quality time. No work, no meeting, no business, no tensions. Basically one has to find out this leisure time to unwind together and explore each other mentally, emotionally, as well as morally.

Planning can be done as to how to spend the time together, can be a movie, wander around in a mall, go for a leisurely lunch or dinner, go for a long drive or even spend the time at home with a shared activity. The more fun the activity planned, the more it will be looked forward to. The anticipation will bring back the zing in the relations. 

This time spent together leads to bonding emotionally, mentally, socially and morally. You get to explore each other’s thoughts and ideas. You get to understand each other better. You get to love and cherish your relations.

Sure you will get to know why your family members, friends or partner behaves in a particular fashion at times. His/her belief systems, values and attitudes will be an eye opener for you. His/her family style will let you know what his/her perception of life is. You can discuss so many things that normally get pushed under the carpet due to lack of time or mood.

In the fast paced world today, you need to snatch moments of together time. You need to make it a priority and be consistent with it. With this time spent together you also get the motivation to work, Also the more you spend time with your loved ones you get to know them well, this will secure your relationship will become benefit for you as an individual. Allow this together time to lead to personal growth, because you do get enriched when you have your loved ones to support you.

Monday 13 August 2012

Book Review - Flirting With Fate by Preeti Singh


This is a debut novel of Preeti Singh..For me this was a very first time, that I was reading a crime thriller.

This is a story of an orphanage - Anand who was been disregarded by his parents at the doorstep of "Palash" when he was just a baby. As time passes by he grew up to a really handsome boy, but with the lack of feelings like love respect,care for others..,in place of all these he has all negativity inhered.

This negativity triggers him into crimes like plotting an accident, stealing and the most horrifying ones rape and planned murders. With the help of all these he was able to achieve what he wanted money and status..but as its is a saying and also a tagline of this book"karma returns" no one can get a easy escape from wrong deeds.

Same happened with -Anand finally his "karma returns" and to know how that happened one has to read "Flirting With Fate by Preeti Singh"

Now my Positive viewpoints:

This is a debut novel of Preeti Singh..(Ma’am) has done an awesome. I just loved the way she has mentioned her characters and other things, minutely – be it the nature and beauty of Shimla , or the a sinful deeds of Anand or the planned murders, or the pain and anger shown in characters. The character of Anand is well sketched that it looks real life character. One feels so involved while reading...Even the characters like Mr. Gonzalves, Sunita, Aslam Bhai, Annaya, Madhumita, Gauri, etc. are very well explained. And the most important character is Fluffy thoughts of Fluffy are mentioned as dialogues, which makes its more interesting a lively. There are many places where a reader feels like a part of this story and it feels as if me myself is living all this.

It is really very difficult for the one to stop till reaches can really can't think of a predictable end for it.As the title says “karma always returns” is chosen very appropriately .Congratulations.- Preeti Singh( Ma’am)

Some suggestive points :

Although the end shows a women empowerment really well but at the same time as we all say "There is day after each dark night" I suggest if some different turn would have been taken in "Sunita's life that would be more appreciated"...this is just a suggestion.

Final words:
Overall if asked I would says...this is a hats off job done by Author ( Preeti Singh)