Thursday 22 January 2015

Book Review- “When Only Love Remains, Durjoy Datta”

A very interesting story, explaining relationships, discovering some new bold aspects of today’s world...

The story is about love, relationships and championship. The book was quite interesting in its initial parts which are the unique part of the author writing. But then a twist of event occurs and it’s becomes ominous. The author has beautifully penned down the gloomy section well that readers don’t lose interest. Indeed it’s good how time progressed and where the true love is highlighted.

Avanti is a flight attendant who is living her dream. Devrat is a struggling singer who is slowly destroying away his life. Avanti has been his fan ever since she watched his first video when she was only a young teenager. She has obsessed over him for years.

Finally they meet. Their first meeting brings them closer and they wish that there was no end to that night. They are drawn closer and fall for each other. But life can never be so simple can it?

It’s condonable who writer has written those tear jerking portions. They seem so real and so emotional. I won’t say much about those chapters as I don’t want to spoil it for the readers but I just loved the way the book ended. It was a perfect climax for me.

The story gradually turns into love story, as generally love stories are not so smooth. I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘When Only Love Remains’. The climax was quite interesting with twists and turns. To unfold the same you need to read this book.

Now my Positive viewpoints:

The concept of the story is really nice and absorbing. This is a great achievement by the author for writing such a striking work of fiction. Even the climax of the story has been scripted well. Overall, When Only Love Remains is highly recommended by me to all those who craves for romance fictions. It will make you smile, it will make you laugh and it will make you cry. But most of all, it will brew that romantic feeling that will make you fall in love with your loved ones all over again.

Some suggestive points:

Overall the book is good and very well expressed. The twist in the climax leaves a little confusion in readers mind, till he/she reaches the end. The author could have tried different way for climax, that would have left great impact on readers.

Final words:

Overall if asked I would say...this is an exceptional job done by Author (Durjoy Datta) … I would give 4.5 stars to this book.