Friday 29 June 2018

From the Land of sand- Rajasthani Jeeman

 I was not in a mood to cook and wanted to try out something tasteful and interesting. And then I found Rajasthani Jeeman on Swiggy. I ordered for their Jeeman Dal Bati Thali @ 180 + delivery & taxes. Swiggy is always efficient so got my order in an hour (ordered at 8:00 pm got around 9 pm). I was ready with my plates and bowls and spoons. Although when I was handed over the Thali I was amazed to see a pizza box like a box with little containers and very well packaged food. The first impression indeed great.Talking about the food I had picked pulao but got steamed rice. There was dal, Gatte curry and kadhi, gatta curry. The Gatte curry was too spicy, dal was completely blended in taste and kadhi was way too sour. The curry was a big disappointment. The batis was soft and tasty. I also ordered two tawa rotis with desi ghee (but there was no ghee or anything).  The only best thing was Churma, which I really relished. rajasthani food is incomplete without  Lahsun chutney was heavily missed. Overall it was below average food not a proper value for money spent. Ambience - 4/5 Service- 3/5  Food-3/5 Value for money:3/5

Thursday 21 June 2018

Kailash which is based in Chandigarh- Kailash Restaurant

I had samosa chat, which is samosa with chole, chole were very spicy and samosa was not fresh. Then, I ordered Veg Chowmein, firstly the vinegar was very high when I reported this the staff was polite enough to change it but sadly this time it was more pathetic then earlier as per the taste, though the quantity was good. However, some of the staff members needs to learn a bit more about how to present the food and behave with the customers.Ambience is not good. Just an advance version of  Sweets Shop or a dhaba in a form of a restaurant in one place.This place is nice for lunch or dinner outing with family. Ambience - 4/5 service- 3/5 food-3/5 Value for money:3/5

Sunday 10 June 2018

Cafe which has no wall street- Cafe Wall Street


This place has got really amazing ambience it is quite different from many other restaurants or cafes in the area. Here the seating arrangement is done in the form of seating chambers based on different themes such as sports, Hollywood, retro and others.the staff here is courteous well mannered who provides the equally good service, the music played around is also nice. Talking about the food, we ordered Moroccan cheese spring rolls, cheesy cowboy nachos and veg platter.

The spring rolls were crispy and perfectly cooked but I found the veg platter best of the lot. The platter was so beautifully presented with broccoli leaves and it was were served with mint chutney and sauce. We simply loved that.
Food: 3.5/5
Ambience: 4.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Value for money: 3/5

Wednesday 6 June 2018

For delicious & Pocket Friendly - Chinese Hot Corner

Chinese Hot Corner-based in Vasundhara Enclave, Delhi is one the of my all time favourite place for pocket-friendly tasteful Chinese dishes. They make amazing Honey Chilly Potato and Fried Momos, Chilli Garlic Noodles. I have tried Honey Chilly Potato in many other Chinese Restaurants but this place offers the best Honey Chilly one can get. The crispness in every slice of Potato is very crispy Not to forget the best thing about the Noodles is that they are thin and long,I am simply fond of their Noodles. Their Spring roll and Manchurian are also nice, however, if they work little on that it will be great because it has less of veggies with more gravy. They serve their Momos with a Coleslaw and Hot sauce which are so tasteful. I will recommend this place to every person who wants to enjoy the best and pocket-friendly Chinese. It's a perfect option if you want to eat some good desi Chinese food which is easy on the pocket too. A heads up if you are an ambience or hygiene cautious person then you will be disappointed because this place is all about the unsophisticated but delicious desi Chinese food.



Value for money: 3.5/5

Service: 2/5

Tuesday 5 June 2018

Indiblogger & Mobiistar launches Pocket friendly smartphones for Indian Consumers

The Indi blogger meet is an event that every blogger looks forward to. This time it took almost a year and a half for it to happen. The meet is an excellent opportunity to meet long-time good friends and brush shoulders with the best bloggers around. The long-awaited event finally came but strictly on an invitation basis.

So I applied for one with my fingers crossed. My prayers got answered in the form of a Pass in my mailbox to attend the event. The clock started ticking in my head for 23rd May 2018- the day of the event.

I was all ready to hit the venue with my leg in the cast. I started interlocking with other bloggers way ahead of the event, with numerous phone calls to fix a time and the mode to reach the venue. However, my plan was in jeopardy due to the heavy traffic and a sudden diversion by the pool cab to pick up another ride. This resulted in reaching the rendezvous point late by almost 10mins.  Finally, a hop, skip and jump through the security I was there at Hyatt Regency Delhi.

As usual, there were multiple events hosted there and for a minute I was confused in identifying the Indi-blogger meet. Suddenly I saw Dr.Manoj Dubey to my rescue. I was perfectly led to my final destination. There at first, I meet Alok Ji and Gaurab. The registration process was yet to start. I quickly caught up with known faces: Dr Mandira, Ronita, Saurabh, Abhishek, Umang, Mr. & Mrs Passey, The Khanduja and Bohra families. The conversation became interesting with the tea and coffee arranged by our host. Finally, the registration process started. I proudly flashed my Indi pass and got registered. 

After which we all headed into the main hall “Oval Room”. There were few issues in service during the high teas that are hard to ignore. Hyatt Regency Delhi, a well-known name in hospitality, should have lived up its reputation and the brand image. The event started with the entry of our favourite Indi Core Team member the “Karthik”. He started the proceedings by introducing the event anchor from Mobiistar Soma Rana. She welcomed everyone and then she invited Mobiistar, CEO- Mr Carl Ngo on the stage. Mr Carl Ngo introduced Mobiistar and Shared the plans for its launch. In his presentation, Mr.Carl Ngo explained the USPs of Mobiistar phones and Mobiistar expansion. After which there was a break for high tea and alongside a musical performance of music band. Post high tea there was an activity planned for all of us, where we all were divided into a team of 10 each including a team leader. In the activity, we have to make a story with the help of selfies using the Mobiistar phone. The time for this activity was 30mins. The result of the activity is still awaited. 

Let’s talk about the Mobiles launched:-

In this Exclusive Launch event, they launched two mobile phones. One is the Mobiistar XQ Dual and the other one is Mobiistar CQ. Let me tell you about both of these phones in details.

Prices for Indian Consumers:-

I guess this is the USP of them. I was surprised to see that Mobiistar XQ Dual costs only INR 7,999 while the Ultimate Selfie Star Mobiistar CQ costs at INR 4,999 only.

Is not it great to hear the price range? Honestly, with such nice features and specifications, it’s always difficult to get a phone in that budget range. I am sure that these mobile phones will certainly leave a great mark in Indian Mobile Phone Industry.

Features & Specifications of CQ Model:-

At the price range of INR 7,999, it is one of the best mobile phones.

Selfie Camera: This phone contains 13 MP Front and 8 MP Rear Camera Phone for Selfie Purpose.

Memory Space: This Mobiistar XQ Dual is having 3 GB RAM and 32 GB Memory.

Processor: Mobiistar XQ Dual is coming with the powerful Snapdragon 430 Processor.

Display Size: Purely Mobiistar XQ Dual is having 5.5 inches full HD Display.

Battery: 3000 mAh, which is sufficient for a decent use.

SIM Tray: 1 Nano SIM + 1 MicroSD Card slot or 2 Nano SIM

Additional Features & Specifications of both the Models:-

Dual Selfie Camera: These phones are equipped with 13 MP Primary and 8 MP Secondary selfie cameras to give you a huge new world of Selfie Range. 120-degree wide angle camera of these phones are amazing.

Capture Like a Pro: When it comes to clicking selfies, you can grab them as a Pro with the help of these mobile phones.

Seamless Performance: With the processor’s like Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 and 425 processor, it is bound to get a seamless, smooth and efficient performance from the phones.

Full HD Screen: It helps you in getting crisp details and amazing colour on your mobile phone.

Other than all the above features these impressive phones are coming with impressive battery life and improved connectivity options. Mobiistar XQ Dual is also coming up with the Fingerprint feature and Full Metal Unibody design.

Mobiistar XQ Dual is also coming with ViLTE & VoLTE enabled, you can easily do video calling and voice calling with these features.

Where to order?

The main motive of Mobiistar phones is providing affordability without any compromises. Undoubtedly with the above-mentioned features, Mobiistar proved that too.

You can buy these two phones from Flipkart. Here are a few exclusive offers which you will get on Flipkart:

Exchange Offer: Exchange any smartphone and get around INR 1,000 off, thus these two phone becomes much affordable too.

Jio Cashback: INR 2,200 instant cashback with Jio Recharge.

Complete Mobile Protection: It normally comes at a price of INR 599 but for these phones, you can get it on Flipkart at INR 99 only.

No Cost EMI: If you are having an HDFC Bank Credit Card, you can get no Extra Cost EMI.

So what are you waiting for? Note the timing of the sale – 30th May 2018 at 12 Noon the sale will start. Visit to get the Mobiistar mobile phones.

Enjoy More!

Then came the time for the mandatory group picture and finally we ended it with the “ Hud Hud” moment and head home.
Overall this meet was something we had been all looking forward to since long…hoping for more Indi meets to come up soon.

Sunday 3 June 2018

Some Noodles @ Lets Noodles

It's a based inside Mahagun metro Mall, Vaishali. I am fond of Chinese food, so thought to give it a try during a visit on one of the weekend.  Although the ambience is nice the seating seems to be little crowded. I went there with my friends and we all observed a very weird smell floating down n the air.
We had veg spring rolls which were good; however, the service on table took more than 20 minutes. We also ordered the chilli garlic noodles, the noodles were good. But with Manchurian we were greatly disappointed. Overall the food was just okay but not as good to be priced exorbitantly. Also felt the great lacking of hospitality skills in the staff seems they aren't from the educated background so that they could not help in exploring and explaining the dishes. I guess there are far better options available in the market to explore.

Food: 2.5/5
Ambience: 2/5Value for money: 2/5
Service: 2/5

Saturday 2 June 2018

Royal Spice which is not so Royal

Well, I went there for a birthday party. This seems out to be a perfect option for the get together or small parties for the gathering of about 50 people.  The staff here is courteous and well-mannered, the ambiance of the place is kept simple and with easily moveable furniture as they lend space for private parties besides regular restaurant business .Coming down to the food, I have tasted their Dal makhni which was just average cooked dal and so was the raita, shahi paneer, dal makhni, mix veg and assorted pieces of bread. The Ice cream and gulab jamun were there in desserts, Ice cream was good but gulab jamun where disappointment. There was nothing as wow or tasteful. Overall this was an average experience. Lastly just want to add a point as feedback; if they work little on their taste of the food and service of the restaurant it will be great. Also if they would promote their restaurant properly, they will get the good business as there are no good food restaurants in this vicinity.