Friday 29 May 2015

उनसे कहना...

उनसे कहना...

बिखर गई मेरी ज़ात उनसे कहना...,
कभी मिले जो वो तो ये बात उनसे कहना...!

जो था वो हमसफ़र, तो हर सफर था मेरा...,
पर अब नहीं कोई साथ मेरे उनसे कहना...!

उनसे कहना के बिन उनके ये जिंदगी नहीं कटती...,
सिसकियों में कटती है रात उनसे कहना...!

उन्हें पुकारू के ख़ुद ही चली जाऊ उनके  पास...,
नहीं रहे पहले से हालत उनसे कहना...!

अगर वो फिर भी ना लौटे ऐ-ख़ुदा...,
हमारी ये बेबसी की हालत उनसे कहना...!

हर जीत मेरी कर दू उनके नाम उनसे कहना..., 
मान ले मैने हार उनसे कहना...!!!


Sunday 24 May 2015



मिले तजर्बे हज़ारों-हज़ार जिंदगी में...,
लब ये मुस्कुरा उठते है यकायक...!
जो हो रूबरू गुज़रे वक़्त से...,
कितनी बेवकूफियों की होता एहसास...!
अब जो चाहे भी जिंदगी कुछ यु हो चली...,
गम छूटे एक गम से तो दूजे दर्द में डूब जाते है...!!!

Monday 18 May 2015



आदत हो...,जिन्हें फूलों से भी दमन बचा कर चलने की...,

कांटे से चाहत कैसे होती है...,वो क्या जाने...!

जो उड़ते हो हमेशा आसमानों में..., 

वो धड़कते कदमों की आहट क्या पहचाने...!

मिल गई हो...,हर ख़ुशी जिन्हें बिन माँगे..., 

सब कुछ खो जाने का दर्द क्या जाने...!!!


Wednesday 13 May 2015



 very interesting story, explaining relationships, discovering some new bold aspects of friends, friendship and true love in today’s world while achieving dreams, own dreams...

 The story is a heartening tale of how past relationships, when broken without a proper closure, can come back to haunt the present. Her strength, as always, is in portraying real, believable characters and events that can happen in anyone’s life. The characters in the book are as real as it gets. For example, when Aman engages in a one-night stand, just to exorcise the ghosts of his past relationship with Shruti, it is believable, because it is what most guys would do.

This is the story of Aman Mathur a young, good-looking man, successful in his career and after a brief stint in UK for 2 years; he’s all set to return to India. But an accidental relapse into his old memories sends him tumbling back to his past, to the wonderful 4 years of his life that he spent with Shruti, his heart throb. Shruti is the girl with whom he spent some wonderful moments, yet he could not have her. Without her, Aman had never envisaged his future.
 But it was Shruti who had walked out of his life, leaving him shattered and heart-broken and just when he thought that he had moved on, the ghosts of his past return to haunt him.
Shruti, now married to Rishabh, is content and settled in her role of a married woman. But a day doesn’t pass in her life without the memories of her perfect relationship with Aman prowling her banal and mundane day-to-day life.

Anjali is an exuberant and vivacious girl, working as a columnist in women’s magazine and she’s charmed by Aman’s kind and intelligent demeanour. But she is also confused by his conflicting attitude when he doesn’t return her messages after their few wonderful dates. Aman on the other hand is guilty, because he enjoys Anjali’s company but he is not sure if he’s ready to plunge into a relationship when his heart still pines for ‘the one he cannot have.’
 Will Aman finally get back with Shruti or will he rest the ghosts of his past relationship and move ahead by accepting Anjali’s love and warmth in his life. Read this touching and heart-warming tale of love, relationships, pain, healing and moving-on in life. Seems so real and of today’s world. I won’t say much about those chapters as I don’t want to spoil it for the readers but I just loved the way the book ended. It was a perfect climax for me. The climax was quite interesting with twists and turns to unfold the same you need to read this book.

 Now my Positive viewpoints:
 The concept of the story is really nice and absorbing. This is a good work done by the author for writing such an arresting work of fiction. The author does not deviate much from the plot. The narration is crisp and manages to hold onto the reader’s interest till the climax of the story. Overall, the book is highly recommended by me to all those who craves for romance mixed with fiction to pass their time on any given weekend. It will make you smile, laugh and cry. But most of all, it will infuse that romantic feeling that will make you fall in love with your loved ones all over again.

 Some suggestive points:

 Overall the book is good and very well expressed. I find a little disappointing that as other books had the similar kind of plot of past, failed relationships haunting the main protagonist’s present life. I was hoping to read something different in her next novel. I was wondering if she will discard her comfort zone and deliver another amazing and bestselling novel.

 Final words:

 Overall if asked I would say...this is a touching and impressive fast-read that manages to keep the readers engrossed from the start to the last page of the book by Author (Preeti Shenoy) … I would give 3.5 stars to this book.

Monday 11 May 2015



जब जब देखा उसने पलट कर...,
हम समझें हसरत उन्हें भी है...!
एक एहसास जिस पे हम मर मिटे...,
लगा वो मौहब्बत उन्हें भी है...!
चुप हो गए वो भी दुनियादारी की सोच कर...,
शायद मेरी तरह दुनिया से शिकायत उन्हें भी है...!
हमने भी बना लिए रिश्ते अंधेरों से...,
ये सोचा शायद रातों को जागने की आदत उन्हें भी है...!
खामोश हो गए वो हमारे सवालों को सुन कर...,
अब सोचते है या-ख़ुदा क्या मौहब्बत उन्हें भी है...!!!

Thursday 7 May 2015

Lady at the Metro Station...

Being a metro commuter daily and not able to find a place even to stand peacefully in morning hours often upsets my mood. Recently it so happened that I decided to change my route and instead of boarding  a blue line metro train from Mayur Vihar Extension metro station I decided to start boarding it from Noida Sector - 15 metro station.

So I started commuting as planned.  For the first two days I didn't notice this lady on the footsteps of the metro station as one is often in a rush to reach the destination in time. But a day later being a daily visitor in morning and evening I notice this beggar lady who had placed herself on the footsteps of metro station along with her month and half old child.

 As she was a beggar and was looking forward for more and more money to be earned by attracting the attention of commuters by intentionally placing her kid in such a way that all commuters had to halt for a second or two to avoid stepping over the child.

The beggar was least bothered about the safety of the child, to her money was everything, and to earn it the child was always placed in the pathway of the commuters. People were coming and going and simply no one was bothered about her being there. I only concern was the safety of the child as there was every chance that a commuter while looking at his phone would accidently step on the child.

I observed the lady for two days, but on the third day I could not contain myself and warned her that I would have her arrested if she continued to jeopardise the safety of the child.

Next morning when I went for my usual journey to my relief she wasn't there, I thought probably my verbal warning worked and she had left the place.

Due to some professional reason next two days I wasn't able to follow the same route, so I was not aware whether that lady was still there or not.

However, after the gap of three days when I went back on the same route, sadly that lady was back at the same place in the same identical condition. I was disappointed though deep down within I could understand that it is not her fault but the extreme poverty and hunger that was driving her to risk the life of her child.

One keeps reading about various NGOs in and around Delhi. As per the foreign donation figures are concerned there should not have been any beggar around. But seeing seven beggars in one metro station every day only talks volumes about the actual community service being done by the organisations.

It is apparent that community service is being done rigorously but unfortunately it remains only on their office records as the same are required to be produced for scrutiny every year to get the grants.
I sincerely hope that one day the number of honest NGOs would increase and the dishonest lot is forced to shut shop by ever vigilant public.

I wonder why their consciousness does not prick them when they siphon off the funds donated to feed and improve the lot of downtrodden.

However we cannot blame only the agencies involved. The police also turn a blind eye when their palm is greased. This apathy of the police force has given rise to a mammoth number of beggars who have adopted this as a profession as it requires least amount of hard work. It is about time that the police force also wakes up and ensures a beggar free city.

As in above mentioned case the Delhi Metro Rail Authorities or the police constable posted on the Noida Sector-15 metro station should have taken some action to stop this. 

But, ironically no one bothers and such practice continues which portrays a bad picture of our society.

Tuesday 5 May 2015

चंद साँसें...

चंद साँसें...

ख्वाब भी अब चुनकर देखती हूँ...

बंद आँसुओं को पलकों में समेट लेती...,

तुम पास नहीं मगर तेरे होने का अहसास...

अब भी मेरी रूह में बाकी है, जब भी तेरी याद सताती है...,

इस जिस्म को चंद साँसों में लपेट लेती हूँ...!!!