Monday 8 July 2013

Book Review—‘Dented & Painted’... by Tirupathi Khemka

Dented & Painted’... by Tirupathi Khemka

A heart touching stories of modern women about love, anger, depression and women who were oppressed, abused and used, and stories of women who avenged, repelled or survived. … "

This book is a set of stories by Tirupathi Khemka … The stories of modern women and their lives in a contemporary world, women who were oppressed, abused and used, and stories of women who avenged, repelled. Indeed this book gives you deep insight t different colours of women hood.

In past few months, the way rape cases numbers have increased has brought out the ugly face of the human race, and when I came across these stories it make me see another wrecked face of mankind and brings out the hidden animal in the human race. The author has done a commendable job by highlighting all these issues and attracting our attention towards other issues faced by women. Stories like Prerna, Nikita, Chaaya, Tasha, Mrinalini, Jhanvi, Yukta, Saumya etc almost each story left me sad and numb. It was really saddening to read and know how a man can transgress out of encompassed morality to play with a daughter/lover/wife's feelings.

In  fact some of the stories and concepts mentioned are completely new to our Indian culture and left me dumbstruck after knowing them, though those concepts are from other countries but still such things are too degrading to the mankind.

After finishing each and every story I felt a strong urge to change thinking of today’s mankind else we will be ruining the life of woman in many ways, this change can be driven by her father, her lover or her husband. He leaves us with lot of questions in our mind. By the end of this book I was left with question do we really have the right to call ourselves civilized with such incidence in our society where woman is been treated worst than an animal?

Now my Positive viewpoints:

This is a book by Tirupathi Khemka … who has done a commendable job and a proper justification to each story by showing all the characteristics of woman that have been very well narrated, written and portrayed.

Some suggestive points:
Overall the book is really good and very well expressed; I would like to suggest that a little stringent editing was required as there are some typing errors in the book. Also would like to mention the costing of the book is kept on little higher side. If it would have been little less, the book has reached a wider audience.
Final words:

Overall if asked I would say...this is a superior job done by Author… (Tirupathi Khemka) I would give 4 stars to this book.