Monday 9 December 2013


Book REVIEW- Syahi - Power of the Pen", published by Triumph Publishing

“A collection of stories from all genres interesting, EMOTIONAL STORies about dreams, love, principles, VALUES, Friendship & hatred, revenge, trust in one word all emotions and phases of life…”

The book is an amazing collection of stories of different genres written by very talented budding authors coming from varied backgrounds. It is a positive trend in the publishing industry of giving new authors a golden opportunity like this to be published at a nation-wide level.

Herein is my story-wise review in brief for all stories as, I don’t want to break the charisma of discovering the hidden emotions by your own. To unfold the same you need to read this book.
1. Inspiration, An Odyssey of Discovering Life... Again - By Apoorva Arora
The story is good and has a beautiful message to tell regarding rising of a child by a single parent, however the weird twist and turn of events going alongside this message seems worthless. The length of the story could have been shorter if those additional events would have been little shorter, still the strong message could have been delivered well. Indeed writer has put forward some beautiful thoughts.

2. Better Late than Never - By Hitakshi Bawa
The story is very simple and beautifully written. It is a well written love story of youngster with few nice lines. The descriptions in the story are nicely done

3. Letting Go - By Aman Sharma
A heart warming story which will make you realise and experience the pain of meeting your ex-lover after both have moved on n their respective lives. The embarrassment, the silence, the feelings, the wintriness which you experience on such a meeting has been portrayed really well. The preeminent part of this story is how the writer has explained the importance of "letting go" to move on in life.

4. 26/11, A Dark Twilight - By Nehali Lalwani
A heart wrenching story expressing the unimaginable pain of someone who has loss their loved ones in a terrorist attack. The story is simple filled with human emotions for pain of losing loved ones and lonesome life.

5. Life, A Vague Mystery! - By Khushi Gupta
She is one of the writers who has dumbfounded me. She is just an 11th standard student, who has written amazingly about the feelings and thoughts of a neglected child in a broken home. The vocabulary is flawless, the use of words is just right and the best part is ending of the story. Good job done by the writer.

6. Shattered Tatters - By Ayush Agarwal
A heart-rending story of a little boy named Keshav who was living in jhuggis, writer makes it into a spellbinding fiction of loss, social illness, thrill and a considerate ending. It is one of such story, which leaves you absorbed in those feelings for hours together. A special mention to the scene describing child abuse - only a writer with great talent can pull off such a scene with such level of intensity.

7. Sometimes it's not simple - By Neoni D'Souza

This story is an impressive tale which keeps the reader engrossed, but fails at some places. The ending of the story is very abrupt but with weak surroundings a little work on twist would have left great impact on readers.

8. The Survivor - By Omung Goyal
An outrageous tale of a survivor of the fateful Uttarakhand floods which created havoc in June 2013 taking lives of thousands of people. The writer amazingly expresses the journey of survival of the protagonist. The expressions of disaster survivor have been portrayed very well and captivating. A little check of vocabulary and grammar would have added wonders to the story.

9. 3 Sins - By Salli Shah
This story is very distressing as it articulate the weaker side of a woman; story has a depressing end, and expressing a suicide was the only option which in end makes you feel remorseful for a girl. A little turn in story would have been better had the girl bounced back to the society even after all hardships.

10. It all started with a key - By Shrutee Parekh
An insensitive issue to write and handle as elusive as AIDS. For an AIDS infected patient, life is a challenge each day. The unadulterated love of a person is something which is very rarely found in today's time though I agree love stands above all. Still it is an emotional love story which seems like a fairy tale in today practical world.

11. It's never too Late - By Aman Sharma
A story of a girl who at the top of her profession decides to return to her childhood romance, even though the guy once abandoned her after having physical intimacy long back, it is something unreasonable in today’s modern times. After the reading the previous story of Aman Sharma, the expectations were high but writer was unable to deliver the same in this story.

12. A Lesson for Life! By Nehali Lalwani
A pleasurable, optimistic and blessed story with beautiful choice of words, pliable twist and turn of events, metaphors and images that leave you spellbound, are the features of this story. In fact I would like to mention that the story by writer portrays life in a very sturdy form.

13. Un-destined Love By Salli Shah
The story seemed to have something interesting to offer. The drawback of our society which is faced by many in today’s household is very well described in the story. The story leaves you dishearten towards the end when two people in love have to part ways owing to religious differences.

14. You Amaze Me - By Ayush Agarwal
This is a magical story with good theme line, the principle, turn of phrases, the turn of events; everything has been portrayed in a beautiful way. A nice flow of writings, the hardest of emotions described in a very delicate manner.

15. That Night @12 By Neoni D'Souza
It is a gripping story with a very well thoughtful storyline. It is a moderate but high-quality story with positive and pure beautiful soul. Nice selection of words with magical impact.

16. To be Hanged, Till Death - By Omung Goyal
This story is an absorbing crime thriller which ends up thrilling you more at the end. Though, the pace of the narration seems little fast, this story where a boy is accused of murdering his own parents. The story shows that humanity still exists in this world.

Now my Positive viewpoints:

The concepts of all stories are really nice and absorbing. This is a great achievement by all Authors for writing such a beautiful work of fiction all seems to be promising writers of future. It is a commendable job done by Aman Sharma & Nehali Lalwani for compiling this beautiful collection of stories.

Some suggestive points:

Overall the book is really good and very well expressed. The only drawback what I feel is a proper editing of the book, book would have done wonders. I would like to once again highlight the importance of grammatical errors, because it does spoil the fun of reading and makes it samey.

Final words:

Overall if asked I would say...this is a good work done by all Authors… I would give 3 stars to this book.