Sunday 29 June 2014

Tears and Love....

Love is a shine that always stays in our eyes; tears are like the oceans that never dries,
They both are like the day and night, love brings eternal ecstasy and tear brings only fright.

Love brings the reminiscence that we carry forever, but tears are sign of regrets which is not right
Until our soul is buried beneath the sand, Love and tear are like a couple together forever.

They stay together throughout our life, love enters and it brings joy into our heart,
With love the tear makes its way, without love and tear, no one can live.

When they come together, they give joy and pain together,
Love brings beautiful stars in our lives, tears make those stars more memorable.

Every heart in search of love.., goes on its way, once we find love, tear also comes and stay,

They both are like the sun and moon, where one brings light and the other brings intensity too.