Tuesday 14 April 2015

We want Justice...Enough is Enough...

Recently it so happened that I got a chance to watch the BBC documentary, although as per the Indian Government, it is been banned all over in India. However, before the ban could be enforced few people downloaded it to their personal collection. So the same was done by one of my friend which gave me chance to watch it.  Before I share my views the most important thing that I would like to request each and everyone reading this article please do watch it as and when you get a chance see it and to understand it. 

The content in this documentary does not incite at all but force you to think what kind of human beings these culprits are? In fact I doubt if they are human beings at all. This documentary serves as a mirror as well as a looking glass towards the dark side of society.

To see in great detail what happened on the night of December 16, 2012. To understand what it means for you as an individual and for the country as a collective approach.

Yes, I am just trying to implore you to see it and decide for yourself how you feel about it. As per my opinion any Government cannot take this decision for you. 

Jyoti Singh, broadly referred to as Nirbhaya, was brutally raped and murdered in New Delhi. Her parents narrate their agonising last moments with their daughter. 

They refer to her with her real name and say they have no problem, on the other hand they felt confident in revealing her name, her identity, her unfulfilled dreams and her vision towards life.

Mukesh Singh's (one of the culprits) statements made news within three days after the telecast of this documentary. He is simply remorseless and narrates the details of the night like an event witnessed. He kept on insisting that he drove the bus and did not participate in other 'bad activities' that night.


The six of them, got drunk and decided to party and soon after picked up Jyoti and her friend in their bus. He remains devoid of any emotion - neither arrogant, nor repentant.

"I can't say why it happened" Mukesh says referring to the rape and murder.

"I knew nothing about her", he says and adds he got to know that she was studying to be a doctor from news reports.

“A girl is just like a flower. She is good looking, very soft and pleasant. On the other hand a man is just like a thorn, strong and tough. That flower always needs protection. If you put that flower in a gutter it is spoilt. If you put it in the temple, it is worshipped," This is the statement given by M.L. Sharma, the defence lawyer for the rapists, can be seen saying the same in the documentary.

He also says at one point in the documentary, "India has the best culture. No place for a woman in our culture."

"It's a very safe city," Pramod Kushwa, the Additional Deputy Commissioner, Delhi Police says about Delhi.

Delhi is a very safe city but the fact is that it is now also known as the rape capital. Jyoti Singh died of extreme injuries. The documentary is disturbing. It is meant to be. Acknowledging the present scenario, true state of India, and then to be pushed into making it safe not only for women, but for everyone is imperative. It will have to start with acceptance at the governance level.

If the Information and Broadcasting Ministry takes it down from the internet owing to the blanket ban on its broadcast that was announced on March 4, 2014, it will be a big loss for the things our Constitution stands for - democracy, freedom of speech and expression. Is it that, what is taught in schoolbooks is meant to be forgotten in real life? 

Even some of the Government officials said there is a "conspiracy to defame" India through the telecast of the documentary containing the interview of December 16 gangrape convict and would explore ways how its screening can be stopped even abroad.

Participating in a debate on the issue in Lok Sabha, Parliamentary Affairs Minister M Venkaiah Naidu said the telecast of the film can be banned in India but there is a conspiracy to defame India and the documentary can be telecast outside.

"We can ban the documentary in India but there is a conspiracy to defame India and the documentary can be telecast outside. We will also be examining what should be done," Naidu said adding, "The Home Minister has said he will talk to the I&B Minister and find out what is the way."

Even after the inhuman incident, every second day we all hear similar or more horrifying crimes against womanhood. The worst part is one of the culprit who was a minor at the time he committed this crime will be free from his  part of punishment and how will he learn a lesson in his life, moreover now he will be more confident in committing any kind of crime or in insulting women.

I would again implore that this documentary is not about any hate speech content, and is fit for viewing by every adult. It’s high time that our government should understand the need of the hour and take some strong decisions.

There are many cases of crime against woman (one of the example- Jessica murder case) which are still pending for a logical conclusion and closure. It’s high time that we rise to take stern measures in order to bring some semblance of a perfectly safe society. 


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  1. A real valid point put through a hard hitting post. Its indeed high time that we introspect and act to ensure the tomorrow we want to present to next generations. The depleting value system and heinous acts like these need to be stopped and the culprits need to be given harsh punishment to give strong message across. Commendable post.