Friday 24 November 2017

How to safeguard your family with natural mosquito repellent

The mosquito happens to be the world’s deadliest carrier of vector-borne diseases. The pest has become the prime pain around the globe being the carrier of Zika virus in America. In recent years it has made its presence felt in a major way in the Indian subcontinent.  With a surge in the cases of Dengue, Chikungunya and Malaria.The mosquitoes are causing Havoc across and eradicating them is becoming increasingly difficult.

As per the leading daily Indian Express, the countries capital Delhi registered 952 cases of dengue in the month of September 2017 and clocked a chikungunya caused the fatality.

The mosquito carrying dengue virus is active during the daytime. The kids in school, in the playground and even at home are soft targets for these disease-carrying mosquitoes. The ways to prevent these diseases is to reduce the habitats and growth of mosquitoes and limiting the exposures to bites. There are no vaccines available for chikungunya and malaria, hence mosquito repellants are the only sane choice to kill mosquitoes or for limiting exposures to the bites. When it comes to mosquito repellents the consumers can pick between chemical based or natural repellants. The most obvious choice for the consumers in the chemical based repellents are the ones containing the DEET. DEET is also called as diethyl-meta-toluamide is known for its foul odour. According to a study, DEET damages brain cells and also leads to behavioural changes. The DEET also gets absorbed through the skin and is known to cause reproductive disturbances and central nervous system disorders.
In the light of the above, the best and safest alternative is the natural repellents. There are a variety of plants like lemongrass and marigold that are effective in repelling mosquitoes. Putting them in and around the house can be an effective measure to fight mosquitoes. As per a research at Iowa state university Catnip plant is found to be 10 times more effective in repelling mosquitoes as compared to DEET. The neem oil is found to be more effective than DEET and has been confirmed by the scientists at the malarial institute in India. No wonder we can see people burning Neem leaves in villages to eradicate mosquitoes.  
Lavender oils are a wonderful smelling and a natural mosquito repellant. One can dilute it by mixing it with other oils such as coconut or sweet almond and can be applied to the body.

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