Thursday 21 June 2018

Kailash which is based in Chandigarh- Kailash Restaurant

I had samosa chat, which is samosa with chole, chole were very spicy and samosa was not fresh. Then, I ordered Veg Chowmein, firstly the vinegar was very high when I reported this the staff was polite enough to change it but sadly this time it was more pathetic then earlier as per the taste, though the quantity was good. However, some of the staff members needs to learn a bit more about how to present the food and behave with the customers.Ambience is not good. Just an advance version of  Sweets Shop or a dhaba in a form of a restaurant in one place.This place is nice for lunch or dinner outing with family. Ambience - 4/5 service- 3/5 food-3/5 Value for money:3/5