Sunday 8 July 2018

Giani’s –Vasundhara- which is no so Giani in Taste

The other day when I was on my way back to home, in order to beat the unbearable heat I stop over at Gianis to have cool and sweet, as I am found of sweetness in any form.  Once there another difficult task was in front of me to zero down on the favour ice cream or sundae or my all time favourite falooda. So finally I ordered a Royal falooda and Choco chip Nut Ice cream. The quantity is and quality is good. Although, the taste did not the justice to the name associated with. In royal falooda, there isn’t which can be considered a special expect very few nuts,  and a scoop of vanilla ice cream one can easily get this kind of falooda in any other falooda or ice cream outlet in much lesser prices. Overall it was a just an average experience.
Ambience - 2/5
Service- 2/5
Value for money:3/5