Thursday 9 August 2018

The mouth watering Parathas- Babu Ram Paranthe Wale


This place is one of the shops amongst the oldest shops in the Chandni Chowk vicinity. Any food lover who is found of parantha ‘Babu ram Paranthe Wale is heaven. Here they offer you the various variety of paranthas like -Khoya parantha, mirchi parantha, meetha paratha, daal paratha, rabri parantha the list is long, in other words you name it and you will have it there. They serve you the paranthe along with butter and pickle. Additionally, you can have anything you want like curd or cold drinks etc. To top it up the prices here in Chandni Chowk area are pocket-friendly in comparison to the others in trade outside this area and the taste of any other place is also up to the make. So all in all, this place is the best. Ambience - 2/5 Service- 3/5  Food-3/5

Value for money:4/5