Monday 11 March 2019

Not Just Pan-Dimmy's Pan

Dimmy's Pan Palace is no more only a pan palace but has turned into a small eatery. Although they are still famous for pan. During my official tour to Hyderabad I went thereafter became a regular visitor. I tries almost all the flavour pans. they have excellent Ice pan which is must try. The chat and snacks are add-ons but this place is known for pans in the city. Ice cream pan is also a good option and one can have the pan after the dinner. if you are in Hyderabad and  want to have lip smacking pan? If yes then this is the place to visit. Prices are pocket friendly and great pan for your palate. The Best thing is here they take cards and paytm payment also. This is a must visit place for all the "pan" fans in city! I have gone with all of my friends over here.And everyone really liked pan over here. They have so many varieties of pan. But, the 'Calcutta Meenakshi Masala' is the best seller and my personal favourite. I have tried the flavoured Meenakshi pans as well (green apple, cranberry etc.) I missed to have chocolate pan as it was not available during my visits.But all and all, it's a must visit place for people who enjoy eating pans.

Food - 5/5
Service -4/5
Ambience -4/5
Value for money -5/5