Saturday 18 July 2020

Amazing place for All- Tourist janpath @Connaught Place

As the name recommends, this place has travel and tourism as its theme even the menu is designed as the passport layout. The place has got bunk beds like in the railways and its interesting library with various books about travel. Though I am not keen on these fancy things because ultimately it all boils down to the food.

This place is a multi-cuisine joint serving dishes from the Far East, Far West, Asian and European continents. The service was good.

From the array of Veg starters I really enjoyed flavorful Corn and Chilly fritters( corn kernels batter fried with lime leaves, chilli paste and red bean sauce )and Arancini ( Hand-rolled risotto dumplings, crispy fried with cheese inside ). 

These were simply amazing in terms of taste, presentation and texture. I also enjoyed the vegetarian Pizza, it had a thin crust and though I am not a thin crust fan although despite being thin crust it was not hard. It had just enough cheese, not overflowing with cheese and lots of corn, mushroom and peppers, olives etc. There were also Kapi Cho potato ( French fries in a soya sauce ) which were average and the chilled Rice paper summer roll was also nice.

Among mocktails served - I like Rimjhim and Mandarin a lot. Their mocktails were good with fresh ingredients and I also got to know their cocktails are great too.

In mains, we tried Paneer Tum Tum which was average and Balochi Dal which was good.

The only thing which annoyed me to the core was in order to show great presentation in some dishes the seasoning was used way too much. Overall, it is a one must visit for the great variety of cuisines on offer.

Ambience: 4/5
Value for money:3/5