Friday 5 October 2012

Today’s Entertainment Industry

Since the 50's, the entertainment industry has developed very fast. Technology has not stopped developing because of higher demands from people over time. Due to these changes, there are many problems surfacing in the entertainment industry. Some attribute the immoral climate spreading out in society to entertainment products, which, they say, need to be restricted or controlled.

I understand that entertainment products reflect society and the need to go on following the demand from people. Although, at the same time entertainment shouldn't be restricted or controlled by government till the time is it not crossing the norms and values of our society.

There are many differences in looking at the effects of entertainment products on people. Over here what I am trying to say is, , along with the positive effects these entertainment products are also imparting negativity amongst society by making violent products more popular in society; moreover, they become the fondness of people nowadays. Because of this, crime , attack on sex and violence are becoming a popular culture.

However, the effects of entertainment products on people are visible enough now days and there have been evidence that proves that there is  an influence on people by entertainment products. In other words, entertainment can be combined with education to make a better society. Nevertheless, by the other solution the entertainment industry will simultaneously develop with society. The truth about society will be shown, and from this people can be aware of the value of life.

However, the entertainment industry should develop by itself because viewers and listeners will evaluate and eliminate. That means producers have to meet the demands of the people. On the other hand , the solution can make the entertainment industry develop better and better.

Violence in entertainment

Does violence in media affect people? Violence is a common sight in media today whether it is seen on the television, Internet, or heard on the radio. Violence is all around society. It is what many people want to see. Some of these same people want to act out the violence they are witnessing. Yes, I believe that violence in media affects people. It affects how people think, act, and speak. Some of people’s actions are more affected by others, but the fact is that it still affects people. Violence affects how people think, how they react to certain situations, in a violent manner, because of what they have seen or heard. If someone is watching a television show and he or she sees an actor react violently in a certain situation, then they might think and believe that a violent reaction is the way to go. They may think that since it’s  the TV, the person is acting.

Advantages and disadvantage of entertainment

There are many advantages and disadvantages of the entertainment industry but a few are:

If you are in a bad mood, you would obviously need someone to cheer you up and if you are bored and you need entertainment, the TV provides you with different activities and other things that  entertain you.

And the disadvantage of the entertainment industry is that sometimes it gives out so much of the information that it is sometimes inappropriate for children. For example live TV shows include strong language.


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  1. I am of the opinion that the entertainment industry, or any form of creativity, should be without the shackles of any kind of control (e.g. censorship etc). Let content rule. If society wants more of something, howsoever "bad" you and I perceive it to be, let it float on the top. No one should be the judge of what the next person should or shouldn't watch.
    Interesting observations.
    I write crazy stuff about "entertainment" as well. Do visit my blog when you get some time!