Friday 28 September 2012

The Problem Of Prostitution- How To Overcome It

What is Prostitution?? Prostitution is the act or practice of engaging in sex acts for  money. While prostitution is legal or tolerated in some cultures, it is illegal or socially discouraged in others. Motivations for suppression can vary significantly, from basic moral repugnance to concerns about the effects on society and on those who practice it, as well as whether it is an exploitative practice. In most cultures the prostitutes (the persons who sell sexual services) are socially stigmatized.

Prostitution is nothing but a curse to those whose are involved in this shameful act. But it has been flourishing since ages either in the name of hobby of the rich or due to family circumstances. Even then a prostitute is the most condemned creature of the society. She is treated worst than the animals and thus she has to lead a miserable life of an out caste in the society. There are two main reasons, why women take to prostitution. The first reason is the greed to accumulate more and more money and the second reason is the lack of necessities of life. Some women are greedy by nature and are fond of a glamorous life. Not only this, they have the inner urge to have sex with many men.

This unconscionable tendency in  a woman, turns her into a prostitute. The second reason is lack of funds to exist in life. Some women are forced to live the life of the prostitute due to bad circumstances. These types of women are very poor and they don’t have sufficient money to lead a decent life, thus, they tune to prostitution in order to fulfill their necessities of life. The woman loses her modesty after becoming a prostitute. She becomes vulgar and shameless. Women and children from India are sent to the Middle East daily. Girls in prostitution and domestic services in India, Pakistan and the Middle East are tortured, held in virtual imprisonment, sexually abused, and raped. India and Pakistan are the main destinations for children under 16 who are trafficked in south Asia.

The following steps should be taken by the Govt. and voluntary agencies to eliminate prostitution:

  • They should be educated about the consequences of having sex with many men. They should be made aware of the diseases occurring due to this shameless act and how their status in the society is  condemned.
  • They should be given spiritual education  in meditation and lectures from spiritual texts.
  • They should be given employment opportunities, and given jobs according to their caliber and hard work.
  • Last but not the least, they and their children must not be condemned by the society, but corrected, instead, so that they are able to lead a disciplined life in the society.
  • Prostitution activities are initiated to alleviate the stressors associated with poverty, structural barriers, and family dysfunction
  • Social Adjustment- Adapting to new environment
  • Modification of one’s behavior to accommodate personal & social needs
  • Intense street learning focusing on the code of conduct including protective strategies & introduction to the lifestyle of prostitution
  • Re-evaluation of life their lives.
  • Restrictive factors (pressures from law enforcement & child protective services) & Physical deterioration