Thursday 14 March 2013

Fading Emotions and Disturbing Lifestyle...

Hello everyone ! Here is my next blog for you all...

In today’s modern and practical world, when all of us are busy in managing our livelihood and ensuring that we do achieve our dreams. Somewhere we have gone astray and bid our emotions a goodbye. We have become extremely practical towards life. Emotions today have taken a back seat.

The price rise across the board has reduced the amount of cash with the families. With reduced money in the kitty we are forced to put in longer working hours and even take on additional jobs in order to augment our family income. In order to maintain our life style even wives have been forced to take up job.

We are perpetually short of time. The never ending race with inflation is taking its toll as the first thing that we are compromising in our reduced time available is the time we all had set aside for emotional bonding of the family.

The overworked human being created by God today has forgotten that we were once full of life, had excellent emotional bonding with the family and also near and dear ones. That bonding was an excellent stress busters, which in turn ensured healthier society.

Shortage of time is compensated by telephone calls, sending online presents, and the icing on the cake is when even a sms is sent in abbreviated form as we do not have time to type out a complete message. We hope that out sentiments have been conveyed by such acts. The irony is that the person receiving it also short of time thus making him understand the time constrain of the sender. 

Gone are the days when the family would be together on the dining table for all the meals. Today it is rare to find even two family members enjoying a meal together. Praying together is something that was forgotten long time back.

Family activities such as weekend games, picnics, visiting relatives, have been relegated to a degree where they are not even missed. Absence of this bonding has had a negative effect on the children. They do not feel connected with the parents. In the absence of this link they seek solace amongst friends thus further widening the chasm that has been created.

Different jobs different schools create such a mismatch of time schedule that even if individuals do make an effort to interact yet they cannot. An annual holiday spent together by the working couples is becoming a fading dream. 

Time spent with the spouse is far less than time spent with colleges. This has started a new concept of an office husband or an office wife. The close proximity throughout the day is giving rise to extra martial complications, thus widening the ever increasing chasm. Absence of emotional support at home is often made good outside the home.

Easy money is the new mantra now days. Unscrupulous individuals have no qualms in fibbing and playing with the sentiments of unsuspecting and gullible men and women, in order to further their own selfish dreams and desires.

Acquisition of wealth and status which comes with flashy cars, classy bungalows is so important that sometimes even couples who enter into wed lock in the form of love marriage end up at the divorce court after their motive has been fulfilled. Marriage for them is no longer sacrosanct, for them it is nothing but en cashing a gullible spouse. When one cow has been milked they move on to the next. So on and so forth.

It is time we as parents devout quality time to our children so that we can inculcate good qualities in them from an early age, so that when they grow they do take pride in their family. If each one of us decides to set his own home in order, the day is not far when we will be able to ensure a better society that is more humane and considerate.

Even today’s adults also need to understand the importance of the emotions and their bonding amongst relations. We have to portray the same in front of our kids so that same should be inherited by them from early childhood.

Similarly beside being more realistic and practical we should start being more down to earth and try to connect with people on personal level instead of getting connected with virtual world or being dependent on our mobile phones, technologies short cuts like email, chat , messenger. Once we start spending time with our loved ones the emotional bonding will develop and soon we will be better humans to handle or deal with any kind of exigencies in our lives with the confidence that our loved ones are around us. This bonding will also work as a stress buster and will enhance our capabilities to fight back with determination and grit.