Monday 10 June 2013

How could you...?

How could you...?

How could you turn your back on me?

I screamed your name so loud? You let me fall away from you,

How could you watch as I died a gruesome death and broke apart? 

You walk away from me, or is it that you were never really there to start? 


 How could you be so cruel to me?When all I ever tried to do was fit in, 

You been so hypocritical when I spoke my secrets from deep within.

You said those things I presume all of them to be true,

Please, could you just explain this to me, because I don't understand.

You play this game of pretend and play the part of a friend.

How could you be so thoughtless, how could you?   

How could you say you listened to me when you never really heard?

You have done things and live with no regret. 

Please answer me all these questions, I really need to know,

But really, I just have one question to ask ... just want to know, how could you?