Thursday 24 October 2013

No one prays without a reason...

No one prays without a reason...

We as children are introduced to the concept of praying by our parents. By following their example we are initiated into it to begin with, and over the years we do develop our own reasons to pray, devise our own rituals to reach God. Parents are excellent teachers when it comes to Body Mind Programming. From a very early age children are made to recognise Gods and Goddesses as depicted in temples, calendars etc. We as children are also taught to ask for boons. 

While teaching all this, certain amount of fear is also introduced where we are told to except punishment in case of questionable conduct. It goes without saying that live example by parents does motivate the children. It is also seen that where parents do not pray or do not believe in God, their children also have a similar view point. In the young mind of children there are few things that do get etched in their sub-conscious mind, for all times to come and those are always associated with prayers. Fragrance from an agarbathi is one such association. 

Cycle brand agarbathi is the best choice when it comes to selecting an agarbathi to accompany you in your prayer, as it fragrance are long lasting and you feel so divine and it help you to connect with your The Almighty.

By making one read a holy book or praying in front of an Idol or a photograph, the wandering sight is taken care off.
By listening to the hymns and religious discourse the hearing sense is channelized.
By turning the beads and performing other rituals like Aarti etc, the sense of touch is also brought in focus.
The fragrance of agarbathi camouflages other smells that can distract the mind. The moment an agarbathi is lighted up our mind registers it as a fragrance that is associated with prayers.
The programming of the mind ensures that we start concentrating as our minds are pre-tuned at a young age to pray while the agarbathi is spreading its fragrance.
It is difficult for the mind to concentrate on something that our senses do not perceive, hence the need to have these rituals.

Cycle brand agarbathi gives you an opportunity to make a selection from their variety of natural fragrances and packs like: All in one- Which is an inspired and innovative combination pack perfect for gifting.
  • ECO- ECO is a unique creation, a special agarbathi that has been around for more than 60 years. Admired across the world since 1948. Exotic
  • Classical Originals is a special offering to the connoisseurs of incense.
  • Fairy Tale - First of its kind celebration incense; four different fragrances in one stick which can burn for about 3 hours. Each fragrance tells a fairytale that can cast its magic over you.Like- Odyssey –Sweet & distinctive, Helix – Subtle & classy, Glitter – More natural,woody fragrance and last in this list is Dazzle – Crowns the experience,leaving a dazzling after-effect. 
  • Heritage - A variety of fragrances to come up with a unique one! It is similar to our own Indian heritage, like a river formed by many diverse streams of traditions. 
  • Honey Rose- this fragrance is reminiscent of an early morning walk through a garden of roses. 
  • Moods- Just a whiff of it is enough to put you in a different frame of mind with its mood altering qualities. 
  • Morning Glory- Savouring it is a pleasant way to begin a new day, full of the promise of new journeys, new challenges and new horizons to be reached.
  • Natya Kesari- A sweet, sublime and classic fragrance with such qualities can hold its own with the passage of time. And it has done so with aplomb.

Om Shanti, Parampara, Prestige, Rahasyamai, Sandalum, Three in One, Yagna, the list is never ending.
Cycle brand agarbathi also offers you a wide range of dhoop with different exotic fragrances and they also offer you a complete pooja kit wherein everything which you need for pooja is catered for in the kit.

Now as Diwali is approaching, I will be using the Lakshmi Pooja Pack this year because I have already experienced the exotic fragrances of  Cycle brand agarbathi,  and considering that fact. I am very sure about the quality and quantity of this new product. Additionally with Lakshmi Pooja Pack will be benefited double as I don't have to bother of about missing out on any important pooja samagri on this auspicious occasion of Diwali or any pooja.

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