Saturday 4 January 2014

High time...

Hi friends.

Today with the help of this post of mine I would like to draw your attention towards one of the serious issues plaguing our society, and would also like to appeal for help and advice. The issue is stalking and harassment of women in broad daylight. Today the tech savvy younger generation is ensuring that the atrocities against women are brought out in public domain and effort is on to educate people to respect our women.   The social media is playing a very active role in this. Despite the public outrage towards the crime against women in the country it is sad to state that still some people have the audacity to harass women by staking then or staring cheaply at then. Such people make lewd comments, inappropriate remarks and even resort to eve-teasing. They keep on doing such thing till you do manage to evade them. The harassment of by such persons at times makes the women really scared of the whole situation.  At times situation does become nasty, and goes out of control. In the event of the woman in question requesting police help she is not spared as the police help takes time to arrive and by that time the damage has been done. This is a clear example of "Gunda Gardi" that is displayed around us in broad daylight. The ruffians have the audacity to believe that they have a right on every woman whom they fancy. It does speak volumes of the nature and character of these men who are a scourge on our society.  Friends please support and share this post on your page and do give your views as well. It is high time we put an effort to eradicate this totally from our society. By fair or foul means this scourge has to be brought to its logical end. We do have men who go all out to help the women in case of such difficulties but such men are outnumbered. It is time we take it upon our self to turn this sorry state of affairs to a state where our women do not hesitate to wear what they want and do what they want without fear.