Saturday 11 January 2014

What is Love...

A thought to share...“ We all wonder ‘What is Love?’  I guess Love is..., when after a break up beloved calls his/her ex-partner purposely and say “Sorry woh.. Galti se lag gaya.. Aadat thi na.."

“Love is when you say I hate you, I don’t ever call or message me, and your beloved smiles back saying "You can’t... I bet... You can’t..."

“Love is when you realise no one in this world can be as sweet and true as your beloved...”

Love is when you tightly hold hand of your beloved or give a tight hug saying you are mine...”  Love is in all these small things which matter a lot.

Love is beyond any explanation, but love is in all small things which we do for our loved ones, so one should not stop expressing love.