Thursday 17 July 2014

Alone in dark....

Again I found no one around,
I sense the loneliness and no shout

That was me broken and bent down,
Speak my love, before I could that was already night

You were gone with just a breezy sigh I clutched the soil in my hand,
Eyes were about bleed I shout out loud

To make some ears listen to howl
And to take a heed to my emotions around,

I stood up again, but that was I am once again broken and bent down
And it’s still the night, am waiting for a wimp of fresh air to come and let me breath

Let this air guide me to the right
But that air didn't came around all I have today my is fantasy to live in

I wish this is or this was nightmare, but when I listen to my own mourn
Again feel broken with my head bury down and I found no one

Being alone is the chosen stage now……
Get lost memories don’t you shout...Once again I got the sign survive alone !!