Sunday 13 May 2018

Flavours of South...sadly has no flavours

As the weekend was almost there on Friday evening I was in no mood to cook something for myself, on the other hand, I was not feeling like to eat usual north Indian food. Hence I thought to order something in South Indian. I was looking for some restaurant in the close by So, I zero down my selection to Flavours of South, considering I will defiantly get some relishing South Indian treat today. I placed an order for Combo2 which has ( 2 Vada+2Idlis+ Masala Dosa+ Uma + Rava Kesari). However, I was highly disappointed because the Masala Dosa and Upma had a pathetic taste and odour. The Idlis were also very hard and with bad odour.  The sambar was nothing else but a watery mix of some vegetables in it. I more I was excited about the food equally more I was disappointed and upset, ultimately I have to throw away most of the food. If the restaurant really wants to stay in the trade they seriously have to look into their kitchen and make major amendments.

Food: 2/5 Ambience: 2/5 Value for money: 1.5/5 Service: 2/5