Tuesday 21 April 2020

Baked Saviours from Wenger's@ Connaught Place

On my recent visit to Connaught Place along with my friend we visited the one of the oldest bakery, located in the heart of the city namely ‘Wenger’. This is the oldest bakery in Delhi. After visiting there I realized why the place is so famous. I was amazed at the options available there. The place welcomes you with a fresh aroma of cakes, pastries, patties, doughnuts, pizza fresh dough as well as chocolates and caramel toffees. Wenger’s has got some exquisite bakery items and confectionery items; the taste remains to be one of the finest in town. You may try mutton Patty if non-vegetarian or mushrooms Patty if you are a vegetarian. Everything here is fresh and tasty from sandwiches to cakes to cookies to chocolate. We end up buying their famous chicken patty and strawberry mousse, which indeed was the yummiest version of strawberry mousse. Those amazing food items bring a smile on your face. They do not have any other outlet in Delhi.

There some drawbacks, as well as this place, is always overcrowded and no one from the staff bothers to maintain or arrange it or either they need to be trained on it, another drawback thing which is bad there's no seating arrangement or washroom. Tit o add up to all you’ll be bewildered when it comes to billing the items (It’s a total mess and craziness). Looking at the mismanagement feels this is little overhyped place.

Food: 4/5
Ambinace: 3/5
Service : 2/5
Value for money: 3/5