Monday 13 August 2012

Book Review - Flirting With Fate by Preeti Singh


This is a debut novel of Preeti Singh..For me this was a very first time, that I was reading a crime thriller.

This is a story of an orphanage - Anand who was been disregarded by his parents at the doorstep of "Palash" when he was just a baby. As time passes by he grew up to a really handsome boy, but with the lack of feelings like love respect,care for others..,in place of all these he has all negativity inhered.

This negativity triggers him into crimes like plotting an accident, stealing and the most horrifying ones rape and planned murders. With the help of all these he was able to achieve what he wanted money and status..but as its is a saying and also a tagline of this book"karma returns" no one can get a easy escape from wrong deeds.

Same happened with -Anand finally his "karma returns" and to know how that happened one has to read "Flirting With Fate by Preeti Singh"

Now my Positive viewpoints:

This is a debut novel of Preeti Singh..(Ma’am) has done an awesome. I just loved the way she has mentioned her characters and other things, minutely – be it the nature and beauty of Shimla , or the a sinful deeds of Anand or the planned murders, or the pain and anger shown in characters. The character of Anand is well sketched that it looks real life character. One feels so involved while reading...Even the characters like Mr. Gonzalves, Sunita, Aslam Bhai, Annaya, Madhumita, Gauri, etc. are very well explained. And the most important character is Fluffy thoughts of Fluffy are mentioned as dialogues, which makes its more interesting a lively. There are many places where a reader feels like a part of this story and it feels as if me myself is living all this.

It is really very difficult for the one to stop till reaches can really can't think of a predictable end for it.As the title says “karma always returns” is chosen very appropriately .Congratulations.- Preeti Singh( Ma’am)

Some suggestive points :

Although the end shows a women empowerment really well but at the same time as we all say "There is day after each dark night" I suggest if some different turn would have been taken in "Sunita's life that would be more appreciated"...this is just a suggestion.

Final words:
Overall if asked I would says...this is a hats off job done by Author ( Preeti Singh)