Wednesday 29 August 2012

Love Is Complicated

Love is a complicated situation to be in. We prepare ourselves to fight the world for it, but sometimes love itself lets us down and we are left in a dilemma to wait or to move on !! Truth is, that if we loved someone from the depth of our hearts, then we fail to accept that we were betrayed and we fail to let them even go. We try and we fail to move on and we are only left with an option to fool ourselves that one day 'The one' will return back tous  and value the feelings that I have for ‘The one’" !!!

Love is complicated and is probably the understatement of all times. It's hard  to find someone and fall in love to begin with, let alone finding someone you love and the complications of life that keep you apart..
People have to live with this for the rest of their lives and ‘WE’ still function like normal human beings. Talk about your own cross to bear.

To truly love someone, your love for each other has to be unconditional love. Period! If there are conditions on your love, then it's not really love, but rather a convenience of sorts. You may get along, and enjoy each other’s company, but as soon as baggage shows up, differences of opinion arise., Then you say to yourself, this isn't worth it anymore, then the  supposed love for each other was not truly unconditional love.

Yes, people change, and some people tend to start to grow apart too. Let's not forget problems with friends and family members make a relationship go sour too. Then is the strain of finances, working so many hours that you and your partner become strangers. Raising children isn't as easy as pie, especially if you have ones that are challenged.

There are ex-husbands, ex-wives, step children, loss of jobs, separations, and a multitude of other challenges I haven't even mentioned. Dealing with all these issues that may affect your lives, and still loving and nurturing each other, is unconditional love.

The separation and/or divorce from each other can then be considered what? Well, to be fair here, there are reasons that even if unconditional love may have existed initially, physical abuse is one very good reason to leave this relationship. And of course there are more, but this article is about unconditional love. The decisions to leave are yours and yours alone.

But as problems arise in relationships and marriages, for some if not all, there are bound to be problems. We are humans after all. But it is dealing with the issues, is what unconditional love is all about.
They may not be easy, and they may be heartbreaking. But if you remember how much you loved this person the first day you said, I LOVE YOU, then you need to hold that feeling close to your heart, and work it out.

We all fall in lust, and we all fall in like. Some may say this is impossible. People change, or they weren't like this when we got together or married, some say. Can it be a difficult situation? In a word, yes. But if you tell someone you love them, and it is based on the condition that things never change from where they are now, then is it really love? Or maybe just a lot of like ??

Love Is Just Complicated
You ask me to communicate
What it is I feel within
I search for words to assist
But., I find none to help me begin
I guess love is just complicated
Love is just complicated.

I thought I knew my heart's desire
I thought I quenched my burning fire
I thought I wanted "A"
But "A" was to mixed up with "B"
Then "C" made me more confused
So "A" turned off me and "B" feels
Better. "C" is upset and lonely
And me, I think Love is complicated....

Love is just complicated....