Tuesday 14 August 2012

Love & Care – Expectation or Attachment

 Love & Care – Expectation or Attachment

 Today when we all have so much busy & hectic lifestyle just a thought came to my mind, we found it very difficult to spend quality time with our beloveds or our loved ones. More or less we all are doing well in our businesses or jobs, which keep us totally occupied. But the fact is we hardly spent time with each other and even if it is asked by either of the one its becomes a botheration.

We all have our own deadlines, targets to achieve, we had to meet clients, make sure the deliveries were done as promised, and also source new clients. We do all this very efficiently and reliably, but do we ever wonder how much time we spare for our loved ones, how much time we spend together, Even if some of us do then to it is more or less to discuss the business, difficulties, tension and other details.

Do we ever think to find out the solution for this lack of quality time with our loved ones. 

It is very important, this quality time together. Bonding time is essential for personal growth as well as for the relationship to grow. The inward as well as outward growth of the relationship is important. It can happen only when we as an individual decide to take action.

In earlier times, the man would go out to work. His timings would be 9-5, after that he was free to spend time with his family. The lady would be generally a homemaker and they also had weekends to spend with family. There were designated holidays, and they wouldn’t work on those days. Life was leisurely and the needs and wants too were limited.

It is not so now. Those who work in software companies, their day starts early and ends late. Or the spouses are on different shifts and they hardly get to meet. Sundays or holidays are not free days. When a project has to go on time, no one can afford to take time off. Invariably when one spouse gets home, the other is sleeping. 

This type of working, can sap the energy and all the free time will be used up in sleeping. I do not say that software professionals are the only ones with this lifestyle. There are other job areas where people have to spend longer time at work and less time at home.

After work, relaxation can be incorporated. One can plan and go on trips together and once in a while get to chill out. But the bonding between family, friends, lovers and couples. One has to spare some time for these precious relations for themselves exclusively. 

One has to agree on this commitment and make sure this together time happens. Nothing and nobody gets to interfere in this quality time. No work, no meeting, no business, no tensions. Basically one has to find out this leisure time to unwind together and explore each other mentally, emotionally, as well as morally.

Planning can be done as to how to spend the time together, can be a movie, wander around in a mall, go for a leisurely lunch or dinner, go for a long drive or even spend the time at home with a shared activity. The more fun the activity planned, the more it will be looked forward to. The anticipation will bring back the zing in the relations. 

This time spent together leads to bonding emotionally, mentally, socially and morally. You get to explore each other’s thoughts and ideas. You get to understand each other better. You get to love and cherish your relations.

Sure you will get to know why your family members, friends or partner behaves in a particular fashion at times. His/her belief systems, values and attitudes will be an eye opener for you. His/her family style will let you know what his/her perception of life is. You can discuss so many things that normally get pushed under the carpet due to lack of time or mood.

In the fast paced world today, you need to snatch moments of together time. You need to make it a priority and be consistent with it. With this time spent together you also get the motivation to work, Also the more you spend time with your loved ones you get to know them well, this will secure your relationship will become benefit for you as an individual. Allow this together time to lead to personal growth, because you do get enriched when you have your loved ones to support you.



  1. A good fact about life..“All you know is what you think you know, but that isn't always what's real.”

  2. Thanks for your views Gaurav Chopra