Saturday 14 February 2015

With You...

As I gaze at the crescent moon in the dark sky..,
Drifting away slowing with simple ease..,
Its being there makes me think of you..,
As if you’re also wondering about me...

As I gaze at it, floating rhythmically..,
I relentlessly think and contemplate..,
At times wonder if you also feel..,
If this could ever be for true...

Your soul is so perfect as if bright sunshine..,
It keeps me warm inside..,
Knowing that tomorrow is not so far..,
When I'll see you another time...

But then there's this strange feeling..,
Which I really can't stand somehow..,
This leaves me uncomfortably helpless..,
I am wondering if I still can...

All those times that we had spent together..,
The emotions just grew and grew stronger..,
I just don't want to be sad anymore..,
All I want to be by your side...