Saturday 4 February 2017

Questionnaire with Actor Raj Sharma

So, for this month  instead of any writer, an Actor from Indian Film fraternity "Raj Sharma" 

        I am basically an actor who does theater in Delhi now acting into films. Born in Delhi did my basic schooling from school south Delhi. At school level only, I started singing the patriotic songs in school functions and always took part in extracurricular activities like singing dancing acting. In school days, I use to perform in local Ram Leela as a dancer or an actor like Lakshman & other roles including vanar sena also. Thereafter I also worked in Karol bagh Ram Leela that time it was one of the biggest Ram Leela of Delhi...... In 1993 I was introduced to a Delhi university theater group name Natya Kutir where I did my first stage play BAKRI written by Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena..... After this play got to know about Mandi house theatre culture where I joined Delhi's best theatre group of that time Act one art group in 1993 there I have done plays like Gagan Damama Bajyo, Mujhe Bhi Chand Chahiye, Jhini Jhini Mehki Mehki Silli Silli these all plays written by the legend Mr. Piyush Mishra & directed by Mr. N K Sharma. In between took a break from theater and worked in wimpy's as an operation crew after a break done other play Khel Khel main written by Mr. Piyush Mishra & Mr. Ritesh Shah. In 2007, I joined Asmita theatre under director Mr. Arvind Gaur worked with him about 3 years nd done lots of theatre production, as well as street, plays in all over India the plays Like : Operation Three Star, Mote Ram Ka Satya Greh, Unsuni, Lehron Ke Raj Hans, Ram Kali, Court Marshal, Ambedkar Aur  Gandhi, Rakt Kalyan , Ek Mamuli Aadmi etc etc. In 2011, I came to know about the auditions for the kingdom of dreams I gave an audition nd got selected for their Bollywood musical Jhumroo their director Mr. Vikrant Pawar took me as the father of main lead this was 2011, then in 2013 I got selected for my first film pk nd journey still continue. I love to read books and my other passion is driving.
1.       How did you first get involved in with acting, are you an imaginative person?
From third standard onwards only I started with singing and dancing on stage. Yes, I am an imaginative person and at times lives in my own dreams.

2.       What do you find most challenging about your acting?
Comedy is the most challenging thing into acting as it is not easy.

3.       What do you do when you are not acting?
    Love to spend time with my family.

4.       Where do you see yourself in the next 6 months, and 5 years down the road?
I am very happy whatever I am doing in terms of my work has been appreciated. Hopefully, in future, I will become a good actor with more feathers added to my Cap
5.       How do you keep coming up with material/content for your acting?   
I always work hard and my creativity to my work so become a good actor.

6.       What’s the best thing an actor can give to his viewers?   
Be humble and Entertainment is the best thing what else.

7.       Please share something about your journey till date?
I started from Ram Leela then started professional theater from mandi house a group called Act one that was 1994 nd till 1996 I did lots of stages plays.

8.       Under whom and where you got the training of acting?
I didn't have any degree in acting I just did theater with various groups, different directors but I would say Shri N .K. Sharma is my mentor teacher. I learned acting from him after that I would love to take the name of Mr. Vikranth Pawar who polished my skills and there is Mr. Arvind Gaur who always encourage me to try for cinema.
9.       What inspired you to be an actor?
Actually, from my childhood, I saw my father he was a different personality.His aura gives me a strength to do something different that is the reason I became an actor, I love stage and love to perform.

10.   What role would you like to play? 
My dream is to Mogambo the villain or the joker from Batman these both encourage to do something different.

11.   Do you have a preference for theater or film?
I cannot live without stage but one has to earn as well in order to survive and sustain, so I want to do cinema

12.   What would you do if you couldn't act anymore?
If given the chance may be iIn future, I would love to direct a film

13.   Who are your favorite actors or actresses?
14.   Om puri, Ranjeet, Gulshan Grover, Ranbir Kapoor, Piyush Mishra, Manoj Bajpai, and and the list is never ending.

15.   If not an actor, what profession you would have chosen to occupy?
I don't think I could not able to do anything else. However I might had a small business of water purification, which I did in past during my struggling days.