Monday 11 February 2013

Book Review – ‘14Th Feb: A Love Story.. by Veena C’

Book Review – ‘14Th Feb: A Love Story.. by Veena C

‘14Th Feb: A Love Story.. by Veena C’

This is the debut novel by Veena C… This is a story about a how Love can help an individual to fight back with his fears, his depression and help him overcome everything and stand back again. This is the story of Sanjay an Indian young man full of dreams, excellent in his academics. A person who achieves want ever he dreamt of in terms of excellent performance all throughout  his academics, Job in America his passion and then Love.

But then destiny has something else stored for him and things took a different turn all together, he had no option let but to come back to Indian. Even after his return he was not able to get away from all those miseries and became a ascetic. When one fine day he met his childhood friend who help him overcome things and thereon everything got changed. How in order to know this one has to read this debut novel of Veena C ‘14th Feb: A Love Story’

Now my Positive viewpoints:
This is the debut novel by Veena C… who has done an remarkable job and rationalization to this story.

When I started reading this story at I was not able to leave it as it was a start to end story for me. The story starts from childhood days of Sanjay a studious and very well behaved, parents most obedient kid. Who was only concern for his academics and his performance.

That was only after his parents vigor he endeavor into a get-together function in his society. During this period only he met few of really good friends and got socialized.

After completing his academic his got a real good job in Chennai only, which was and other best thing happened to him, but his dreams were to get a job in America which he soon able to get as well.

During his stay in America, he got the best experiences of his life about the work culture in different country, happen to make few more friends, same time he fall in Love with Shreya.

For Sanjay this was all he ever dream of and he was the happiest person to achieve all.
When one fine day all his dreams got smash to smithereens and left him all broke. This made him go in to deep sense of melancholy. When his parents suggest him to come back to Indian.

He came back to be with his own people but faces different pros & cons by society and relatives here. He became more miserable with each passing days when one fine day he happen to meet ‘Gayatri’ who helps him to come out of this ensnare.

How to know this you have to read a debut novel of  Veena C ‘14th Feb: A Love Story’.
Some suggestive points:
In totality the story is good without a doubt and very well express, but just as a suggestion as at some places a general south Indian lingo is been express, that can be avoided considering the readers of all genre.
Final words:
Overall if asked I would say...this is a excellent job done by Author…( Veena C)

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