Monday 11 February 2013

Book Review – ‘Love, Life And Lust’ by Pritesh Bhosale

‘Love, Life And Lust’ by Pritesh Bhosale
For people who believe in friendship, relationship... , ...
This is the debut novel by  Pritesh Bhosale… I got attracted to the title of book and ordered it from flip-kart.

This is a story about commitment, relationship, love & most important friendship and bonding between  - Adhi, Dhananjay &
Maitreya who meet as acquaintances, but became best  buddies during the process of time….. They also get  Priya..  as an indispensable part of their friendship.

The story of all these characters moves further with different twists and turns by virtue of destiny,   their relationships, their lives, their love, and how this love takes the form of lust..…. To know how and what one has to read ‘Love, Life And Lust’.
Now my Positive viewpoints:
This is the debut novel of Pritesh Bhosale ..who has done a good job and justification to this story. He has not created any chaotic script or over exposure of one character and the, script is balanced and gives justice to each character.

The author has expressed the friendship of Adhi, Dhananjay, and Maitreya & Priya very well. On one hand where Maitreya is the one who can do anything for his friends on other hand Abhi is the one from whom his best buddy is alcohol. Whereas Priya is the person who would face everything in life with confidence and courage.

 Also the character of Gulab is been portrayed well. The phrases used by author are also good.

A real good effort done by author as this is his first book..and as it is unpredictable , it urges you to keep reading the book and you cannot stop yourself till you complete the book.
Some suggestive points:
Although the book’s end shows a different aspect of Friendship, Life & Love which is all together good but at the same time needs a rigorous proof reading as there are many grammatical errors. A reader expects that the author or writer of the book is very intellectual and a learned person and such mistakes affect that picture.
This is just a suggestion….
Final words: