Tuesday 12 February 2013

Book Review – ‘Spicy Bites of Biryani: Because Life Needs a Little Masala.. By Ashwina Garg’

Book Review – ‘Spicy Bites of Biryani: Because Life Needs a Little Masala.. By Ashwina Garg’

Spicy Bites of Biryani: Because Life Needs a Little Masala...  By Ashwina Garg’

An amazing love story of an intellectual girl who loved to live her life to the fullest with no commmitments to it….. then destiny has something else stored for her….

This is the novel by Ashwina Garg… This is a story about love, relationships, dreams, passion, destiny and most importantly a girl’s (Aditi) prospect towards relationships, life partners and her views about marriage. She is sweet, adorable, bubbly, sensitive, protective, bold, hot crazy and dumb as well; on the other hand Sanjay is a US- returned software millionaire determined to have an arranged marriage with an Indian girl and settle down in India. He is cool, calm, quite and smart. This story revolves around the life and difficulties of the four main characters - Aditi, Sanjay, Jayshree and Mayank and their views about love, relationship, expectation and determination for each other. While reading this story reader feels like part of the story, as the perception, expectation, commitment that we give to our relations have been portrayed in it.

The story starts with Aditi and Sanjay; how they become friends, how they both feel the inclination for each other but are not ready to accept the fact. Subsequently how they both realise their love for each other. The story also revolves around Mayank and Jayshree’s relationship which make one think and realise about how things change after marriage. Both the aspects are shown, the good aspects and the rough ones as well, this may leave the unwed a little unnerved. The understanding, care, concern, commitment and complications that are faced by each couple during child birth are handled with dignity and grace. The overall marriage relationship has been portrayed very well.

Now my Positive viewpoints:
This is the debut novel by Ashwina Garg. He has done an awe-inspiring job and rationalisation to this story.

While reading this story at some places I felt as if Aditi is portraying my very own thoughts only, as every female faces same fears, have same expectations from life and her life partner and face same fights.

Aditi’s mental state and her dilemma has been expressed and written very well, when she has to decide to get into to relation with Sanjay. When she take her final call for her future with Sanjay

Sanjay’s mature & balance behavior his care and concern for Aditi is something which is every girl looks for in her partner.

Aditi & Sanjay’s exclusive moments together are a delight. Their small squabble and the chivalry shown by Sanjay is something to be idealised. The way Aditi & Sanjay spend time together at Sanjay’s home has been depicted very well.

The love, commitment, maturity& understanding between the two is idealistic. Aditi’s advice to Sanjay for work and his girlfriend is written very well.

As the destiny plays its role and the end takes an unexpected turn things work out differently. In order to know how and what happens in end one has to travel this journey with Sanjay & Aditi.  
Some suggestive points:
Overall story is superior indeed and very well written and expressed, but just as a suggestion some places story seems being stretched a bit, which can best be reduced.
Final words: