Tuesday 12 February 2013

Book Review—‘An Eternal Romantic by Sreelatha’

Book Review—‘An Eternal Romantic by Sreelatha’

Book Review—‘An Eternal Romantic by Sreelatha’

A lifetime JOURNEY OF AN enormously ROMANCE ADDICITED indira …
This is a  novel by Sreelatha… This is a story about love, dreams, passion destiny and most importantly a girl’s desperate yearning  to be loved by her dream lover which starts with her young age and grows on with her till her middle age life.  till she finally  is able to figure out her goal in her life

This is the story about Indira who is poetic by nature and likes to pen down all her emotions, her distressed longing for being loved, brings many twist and turns into her life. Even this distraught desire of her pushes her to the state of the disease called as ‘Schizophrenia’. 

The story moves on with Indira being confided into her own world of happiness and love. Gradually when she is  able to fight back this devil named ‘Schizophrenia’ and rebuild herself and her trust, she again faces the brutal turn of destiny by losing her love  filled with ‘ Anshuman’.

During her struggle of finding and recollecting herself, she happens to see different aspects of life like – once she herself was on the death bed as she  tries  to find solace, then she faces the dilemma about her career and a purpose of it. This search of purpose and solace in her life make her go to Kerala, her native place,  to serve the people who have suffered the tsunami affected and deprived people.

Each times she stands up and fights back her desires  till,  she finally decides on the final decision of her life.

Now my Positive viewpoints:

This is a  novel by Sreelatha … who has done an remarkable job and justification to this story.
While reading this story at some places I felt as if my own thoughts have been interpreted by the author, as to some extend, every female has same desires, expectations in life and quite often faces same fights.

Indira’s mental state and her dilemma has been expressed and written very well, when she has to take a final decision about her life.

Srikant and Anshuman’s characters are also being  portrayed well , Srikant’s care and concern for Indira after he expresses his feeling to her, all are well explained.
Last but not the least to forget the feather in the writer’s cap is the poetry mentioned across the storyline.
Some suggestive points:
Overall story is good indeed and very well expressed, but just as a suggestion at few places when Indira is in her lost stage, it becomes too monotonous for the reader to keep-up the interest .
Final words: