Wednesday, 22 March 2017



ख्याल जाता नहीं आपका दिल से...,
याद आता नहीं कोई औरआपके सिवा..!
देखूं आपको रोज़..,हसरत ये ही दिल की...,
जिंदा आप बिन अब रह जाता नहीं...!
मिलते है लोग...,क्यों ना जाने जिंदगी में...,
क्यों दिल में रह जाते है..,जो मिलते है...!

होना ही है उन्हें..,जब दूर ही एक दूजे..., 
दिल के पास..,आते है क्यों फिर...!!! 


Tuesday, 21 March 2017



​ Inadvertently I am the one who enjoys reading romance more than any genre for that matter when it comes to reading.

The story revolves around the protagonist’s called Radhika Mehta who is a hot-shot banker working in the prestigious Investment Bank, Goldman Sachs. Radhika who once was as nerdy as one can be is now arranged to get married to Brijesh Gulati and has just arrived for her destination wedding in Goa. But what Radhika does not know is the fact that marrying Brijesh will not be as easy as she had thought. Things happen and everything goes haywire (I am refraining from disclosing more for the sake of spoilers), but will Radhika be able to maneuver her way out of this mess? Read the book today to know more and discover the fun-filled journey that Radhika will love to take you on. The best part of the book is the fact that Radhika’s journey is as funny and entertaining as a wedding can be.The understandings and misunderstandings, the clash of egos, another romance on the side suddenly turn up to complicate matters whip things up and make it more interesting!

 I would like to dislocate my share of earful on the story here without further sharing any more details, and trying not to spoil the reader’s eagerness and allowing them to savor the original narration or compelling expression by the writer himself by reading the book itself. Indeed the climax was quite interesting with twists and turns as they unfold. For that, you need to read this book.

Now my Positive viewpoints:

The positives of the story are the characters easily identifiable. The story is well knit and the way has constructed it, is beyond appreciation. The cover and title of the book are fascinating. The cover page of the book takes you into a stupor and a feeling of positivity engulfs us. The author has done a commendable job of writing in a girl’s voice. The story is told from Radhika’s point and it is really hard to believe that a man could have written so realistically about a woman and her feelings. Characters strike a chord with the modern urban metropolitan readers. The narrative is as easy as ever, the language excellent, without being highbrow.

Some suggestive points:

Although the narration of the story is wonderful but the switch over of situations rapidly from present to the past to present and that adds to the pace of the book. The book in its entirety of 272 pages did not appear dull even at a single point. The best part of the book, though, was its climax – it was completely unpredictable and managed to completely surprise me. We all are flawed being and with that comes perfectly imperfect relationships, which we agree or not but somewhere have to acknowledge the fact. No relationship is ‘happily ever after’. But then it’s our individual choice to persevere or not.

Final words:

Overall if asked I would say this is a good book, the perfect accompaniment to anyone interesting in reading on weekend pastime. Overall I would say...this is a commendable job done by Author (Chetan  Bhagat) … I would give 4.5 stars to this book.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Questionnaire with Lovita J R Morang

So, for this month  we have a  writer, and an Actress                                      "Lovita J R Morang" 

Can you tell us a little about yourself? Your profession and your hobbies!!

I am a lover first and artist.In the year 1994 as a teenager of 16, started life as an actor and model. And at the age of 20, I started filmmaking.Till date, I could make more than 20 documentary films travelogue, telefilms."DISCOVERY OF RHODODENDRON FOREST " is green Oscar entrant film. Based on the film is the book " Discovery of Rhododendron forest " launched by two Governors of the states.Karmaveer Chakra Awardee by Icongo initiated by United Nations.

Moreover, I would like to define Lovita J R Morang as" Born in the land of rising sun, gift-wrapped in the battlefield of red river and blue hills, a beautiful inhabitant of earth, lover of the universe."


Questionnaire with Lovita J R Morang
  1. How did you first get involved in with writing, are you an imaginative person?

I started scribbling poetries in my school days. Now have 25 anthologies of short stories and poetries, shared space with renowned and celebrated international poets like Ruskin bond to Gulzar.

My creative thoughts are the spirited-river that keep the fire in the wind flaming.Imagination is the sole gateway to realities.
Scripting for my films helped me in trans.creating, further into existential poetries and short- stories.
Yes, I can feel the spark, I can imagine as a child I used to consciously and unconsciously would observe my father writing.
Most of the time, when I gazed at him as a child of six-seven years. I see him writing. He loved writing and maintaining diaries.

2.       What do you find most challenging about your writing?

Challenges are the ingredients, the life-force of writing. Words tumble down, rushing like the torrential mountain rain, and it's the mountain rain that becomes the river. I find and discover and create words from this ocean of rivers.
These challenges are life-giving. Life nourishing experiences of love and longings and of belongs. 

3.       What do you do when you are not writing?

Once the writing is an addiction, I trust, it swallowed every space of the universe. Even if you are not typing or writing words. Mind and thoughts continue to write. It's a river that knows not how to not flow. And as a filmmaker, when I am making film, I trust is am writing on par, parallel. Call it "Parallel Writing ".

4.       Where do you see yourself in the next 6 months, and 5 years down the road?

A good artiste's evolution, metamorphosed into a good filmmaker, a poet and a writer and an unconditional lover of mankind.A beautiful life lived.

5.       How do you keep coming up with material/content for your story? 

The world I am, surrounded with are natural. It's the nature's power and the names of the trees, mountains, rivers, names of each beautiful people I encounter are the "organic contents" and plots in my story.

6.       Any specific tips you have for new writers who want to make it big in the world of published books?

Yes, life is a brilliant writer, we have not realized that we are not writing. Or not yet awakened to consciously and with consciences to take up the mighty Weapon-The Pen.cil. "A drop of ink makes a million think."  Hence, start thinking about the drop of ink, dear youngsters and aspiring writers.

7.       What’s the best thing a writer can give to his readers?

Stories and words that nourish their thoughts, mind, and life. Make them read life and start loving, start believing.

8.       A lot of people are interested in writing for the money earning potential. What are some tips for people interesting in making money from writing? What are some realistic expectations in regards to what can be made?

Money makes the world go round and words go around, beautifying, nourishing.Don't ever dare think that writers eat words. They also feel hungry and have mammoth responsibilities. 

I don't know yet how to earn money by writing books, by writing film scripts I have earned well. And I convert my writing into films, films into projects. And, my bank is balanced.I asked my fellow writers, about earning through writings. The reply is " good author need to be a good bookseller too"And, I don't see myself as a bookseller.  But yes, my writings have kept my love alive. 

No matter, people may not read your writings but creative world hardly survives in a lower dimensional world of thought. I didn't mean. One need to be an intellectual. Intellectual can be pseudo. But I trust every human being are born intelligent. Their intelligence needs to be nourished or else it wanes.

The journey of money making through writing.  I trust the writer ought to know the psyche of the market. If books need a market then mind should be prepared for the market.  Writers as"Market-oriented or mankind-oriented"

That depends on the psyche of the writer.where they desire to positioned themselves. Hold on the water, to stay calm or hold on the hat to get into the tricks of the trade.The economic game theory in terms of Literary pursuit. The question is do you desire to be the best seller writer/author or a merely celebrated author.

9.       What motivates you most in life?

Right from the origin of species to their survival. Everything that exists. The beauty in the interdependence of life-forces. The process of natural selection to conflict of contentiousness, intrigue me.
Everything that breathes motivates me, right from the breathing stones, to breathing, mountains to rivers. I could sense even deadness breathes that quite beautiful and motivating.Life is a perfect "good cinema", conceived, created, produced, directed by God.

10.   The majority of the readers tend to take sides due to religion and such other considerations.

Let the division bell rings appreciating the diversity of beauty. Be a lover of this magnificence creation.

11.   What is the story behind the name of your book?

It's all about love discovered throughout painstaking living yet it splits in the forks of the road. Take the high Road and drive safe, even if you are driving life on the right side. Turns and twists of roads are accident prone. My stories say if you have discovered roads of life. Be a good lover. Be a good driver. Drive away the evils. But mind you statutory warnings "evils are an important part of the pages, we may not be on the same page. 

12.   What are your views on increasing plagiarism?

my God! Where are you, so lost. You had to steal air to breathe. Nothing is all gone with the wind. You too have a heart. Don't give another heart attack. Create your own child. Give birth to your own child. If you cannot then, copyright fully get inspired and start writing.

Plagiarism is for plagued thoughts of plagued mind. Those who have beautiful mind would be inspired by great writers of the world. Like RabindranathTagore to Leo Tolstoy to Fyodor Dostoyevsky to Amartya Sen to Charles Dickinson.  Aren't the great writers of the world and the organic love of the universe enough to create your own book. Start now. Wake up in the morning and feel that life has just begun, hence, no copy and paste. Begin to write the original and be a product possessor and creator of the original copy.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

#BergerXP - Express painting - Indiblogger Meet

It almost 10 months, we all Delhi Bloggers have waited for an Indi meet and to make another appearance. The announcement of the BergerXP meet came but this was strictly invited base so I applied for the one and start waiting for the one. Finally received it and I was all set for the Indimeet on 26th February 2017.

Though the long distance till the venue really killed, Vivanta Taj at Dwarka sector 21, even by metro. As always I and Shwetabh tried to collaborate our routes and time to reach on same time, however due to the delay in metro service that day and then 2 unexpected halts in route I got late by almost 30mins in place of the desired time. When I reached the destination Dwarka sector 21, Shwetabh has already got the company of Saurabh and reached Vivanta. Hence, unaware with the distance I preferred to take the cab ride from the metro station to Vivanta. Once reached, after the security check I there were quite a few more meets there at Vivanta but helpdesk staff I was perfectly guided to my final destination. Where at first I meet Karthik and Saurabh gave me Indi pass and got registered. All were given the named badges, so I also got mine. 

As I turned around Shwetabh and Saurabh were all set to get clicked and as like always, I photobombed their picture. Thereafter I asked Shwetabh and Saurabh to give me company for lunch, and both guided me to Alok Ji as he was also there and still having his food. During lunch met with few other know faces: Manjulika, Nimmi, Dr.Preeti, Gaurav, Dr.Mandira.  However not to forget even though Vivanta is associated with the big name of Taj but the lunch, sorry to say it did not worth the name association at all. The taj authority really needs to look into this department on a serious note. 

Once entered the ballroom and took our seats. There came all time favourite anchor of Indi none other the “Anoop”. He started the proceedings introducing oneself, few of the bloggers introduced themselves.

After the introduction, we all got involved in the activity mode and were given sealed envelopes. Inside each envelope, there were 5 strips having general info about various bloggers or their blogs. We had to find that person get the selfie clicked and also the slip signed. The time for this activity was given for merely 5mins. Everybody started moving frantically from table to table asking about the person or the blog. I could get only 4 strips signed. The lucky one to win this activity was Manjulika who got all 5 up in time.

 Then came in Mr. Das from Berger Paints who told us all about the various concept of Express painting, where painters are trained on how to use the modern tools to save time in painting jobs at any location. As part of the express painting, an executive is assigned to look after the whole process of painting who will also be capable of giving an expense estimate so that customer can know how much the whole paint process will cost. The tiring hassle of moving furniture from one place to another and scrubbing dust of the sandpaper dust. These people are trained to take care of all that and rearrangement as well. Mr.Das also explained that they have the latest equipment to tackle all the common painting issues. He also mentioned that till date they have already trained over 21000 painters in their academies. 

Meanwhile, Shwetabh was up and in action with his mischiefs at twitter. This time luck was on his side and he won a voucher for the “ Best tweet”. 

After this it was time for the second activity, we were given the face masks, caps, gloves, sandpaper for the next activity. For the activity, teams were formed with 8 members in each team and we were given the white painted board which we had to scrub using sandpaper and make it smooth set time. Once the activity got started, it was all white dust. And we all team members were racing against the timer, it was not an easy task and we had to do it twice to make it smooth. Once all teams were done, we broke off for tea and break.

During the tea break my and Shwetabh’s all time “Tom & Jerry” fight was again back on the track. Once we all assembled again after tea, another activity originated. We all were given the basic demo class on how to mix and match the various strainers, base Berger paint, and water to get the required colors.

Then comes the activity were we all were given the theme and we had to make a painting based on that theme, our team got the theme of “Go Green” we all thought to create something related to the environment. Jhilmil took the charge of drawing the sketch while the rest of us all got down to experimenting with the colors to get the thickness and the color contrast. We had 30 mins for the whole task and I think we got it over well before the time.

Thereafter all the 6 teams were supposed to present their drawings and the idea behind it. We all gave our best. But when it comes to Indi activities, whether we win or not it’s more about having fun and we all enjoyed that. While the final result awaited, we were also given bit information about the various tools used by Berger to get the express painting done.

 Finally, the result was announced and winning team walked away with vouchers but the fun did not end there. Then came the time for the mandatory group picture and finally we ended it with the “ Hud Hud” moment.

Overall this meet was something we all have been looking forward to since long..hoping for more Indi meets to come up soon.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

जश्न ए रेख़्ता और मैं 2017

जश्न ए रेख़्ता और मैं

जश्न ए रेख़्ता और मै

मेरा पहला सफर रेख्ता के साथ तीन साल पहले एक मुशायरे में, शिरक़त से हुआ जहाँ मै, मरहूम निदा फ़ाज़ली जी  सुनने को  गयी थी !

पिछले साल रेख़्ता में volunteer  बन , रेख़्ता के साथ जुड़ने की मेरी ख्वाहिश को ख़ुदा ने भी मंज़ूर किया और मुझे volunteer के तौर पर जश्न- ए -रेख़्ता 2016 का हिस्सा होने का मौका मिला !

 और फिर इस साल 2016  नवम्बर जब रेख़्ता की तरफ से volunteers के लिए requirement का ऐलान हुआ, तो एक मर्तबा फिर से मौसिकी, शेर ओ शायरी के अब्दिबी लोगो को सुन ने के अवसर को मेने हाथो हाथ लिए !

 फिर शरू हुआ final confirmation का इंतज़ार और मेरा बार बार Rekhta team को twitter पे और  Tanvir को email कर के परेशान करने का सिलसिला और फिर 3 नवम्बर  को जब मुझे रेख़्ता की तरफ से email मिला तो लगा जैसे मन माँगी मुराद मिल गई !

और इसके साथ ही शुरू हुआ बेचैनी भरा इंतज़ार final confirmation ka.और मेरा Tanvir को बार-बार reminder email भेजने का !

 इस बार Email के  मुताबिक़  मुझे information desk की जिमेदारी दी गई थी ! 17 फरवरी दोपहर 3 बजे जब में IGNCA पहुँची तो लगा शायद बुहत जल्दी पहुंच गई हूँ क्युकी अभी तो सब व्यवस्थाये ही चल रही थी !

 पर फिर कुछ ही वक़्त में सभी volunteers को रेख्ता की तरफ से जिम्मेदारी मिल गई, और हम सभी volunteers (Abhishek, Hira, Wasi, Huma, Shahna) आपस में दोस्त भी बन गए, मैने  और Shahna ने एक टीम बना ली और साथ साथ काम बाँट लिया !

 श्याम के 6 बजते बजते हलचल और तेज हो गई और फिर मेरी ही आँखों से सिर्फ 2 फुट की दुरी पर Gulzar Sahab और Ustad Amjad Ali Khan Sahab जी से गुजरे ! उनके आने के कुछ देर बाद शरू हुआ जश्न !

जिसमे Gulzar Sahab और Ustad Amjad Ali Khan Sahab जश्न का उद्घाटन , फिर  AMAAN ALI और  AYAAN ALI की musical evening.

फिर दूसरे दिन Gulzar Sahab और  Javed Siddiqi Sahab discussion, Abdul Bismillah, Ali Ahmad Fatmi, Alok Rai and Manager Pandey- Hindustani zindagi ka naqsh- nigaar- PremChand, Sufi performance by child prodigy Khanak Joshi, Urdu Storytelling for Children with Kamal Pruthi, thertre ke bule hue rang - M S Sathyu, Nadira Babbar, Salim Arif and Saurabh Shukla, duraaye naina banaye batiyan khusro ki karishma kaaari- Gopi Chand Narang, Book realse Gulzar Sahab, Dilli jo ek Sheher tha- Irfan Habib in conversation with Rana Safvi, Performance by Vidya Shah with Danish Husain, Fill Screening- Mandi, Mushira- Abhishek Shukla, Azhar Inayati, Bharat Bhushan Pant, Farhat Ehsas, Gulzar Dehlvi, Liaqat Jafri, Moien Shadab, Shakeel Azmi, Shakeel Jamali, Sheen Kaaf Nizam, Vikas Sharma Raaz, Wasim Barelvi, Prasoon Joshi in conversation with Faridoon Shahryar, Shamim Hanfi in conversation with Dipa Bagai, Ghazal performance- Amrish Mishra, Kumar Vishwas in conversation with RJ Sayema, Urdu ka aadalti lehjza- Justice Aftab Alam, Salman Khurshid, Tahir Mahmood and Justice T S Thakur, Urdu Suron ka Mausam e Bahar- Annu Kapoor with Rumy Jafry.

क्या क्या नहीं था जो आपके दिल और दिमाग पर तरी उस नशे को भूलने ना दे !  Dastangoi, Mushira, Baitbazi, Urdu Bazar, Khuli Mishit, Qawali, Qhazal performance by ably challenged children, discussion on usage of Urdu in Legal matters, importance and impact of Urdu in Indian films, and above all the closing with Sufi Music by Hans Raj Hans भी ना  जाने कितने ही जाने मानी अज़ीम हस्तियाँ नज़रो के सामने थी और चल'रहा था उनका कभी ना खत्म होने वाला जादू !

 तीसरे दिन की शाम होते होते इस जादू से मैं और मेरा वज़ूद पूरी तरह सराबोर था, इस दौरान कुछ जाने पहचाने दोस्त और चेहरे भी मिले  जैसे – Rana Safvi ma’am, Mithlesh ji (#Mbaria), Ashish Sharma, Ashish Jhangra, Ishaan, Shachhi, Rakhi,  Atif Khan,  Mariam Karim-Ahlawat ma'am,  Udita Garg, Yaseen Anwar, से मुलाकात हुई !

  इन  तीन दिनों में ना जाने कितने हज़ारो लोग जश्न ए रेख्ता में शामिल होने आये और जश्न में  होने वाले सभी  कार्यकमों का आनंद लिया, ग़ज़ल गायकी हो या बैत-बाज़ी क़व्वाली हो या चर्चा ना जाने कितने ही दिल को लुभाने और आनंदित करने वाले कार्यकम

 और फिर वक़्त आया अलविद कहने का, इस दौरान team रेख़्ता के Tanvir, Dhamender, Parwaz Sir , Deepa, Haider Sir Priyanka ma'am aur Sanjiv Saraf Sir के साथ जुड़ा अनकहा दिल का रिश्ता कुछ और मजबूत हुआ, और दुआ करती हूँ, ये रिश्ता वक़्त के साथ और मजबूत हो !

 रेख्ता team को जश्न ए रेख़्ता 2017 के लिए बुहत बुहत मुबारकबाद, दुआ है रेख्ता ऐसे ही जश्न और करता रहे !

जश्न ए रेख़्ता के जश्न की कुछ झलकियाँ