Friday, 16 March 2018

Great food with equally great ambience- United Coffee House, Connaught Place, Delhi

If you are a delhiite or from some other state and have ever been to Cannought place even for a walk around the inner circle, you must have crossed your paths around United Coffee House which is one restaurant that your eyes have certainly witness.Since long I had this place has been on my list for a while. So, the other day me and my friend decided to visit to this restaurants.The place is so full of positive energy around. They have got a great seating space which is spread across the ground floor and upper ground floor. The interiors of the restaurant got the old charm of colonial ambience. People who have not been there ever might get confused with the name “United Coffee house”, that this place may be a any other coffee serving place, however, that is not the scenario, they have great variety of food and drinks in their menu.Talking about the food, the taste and presentation were good. We liked majority of food items, they were absolutely good, but some of them were average. We ordered basil paneer tikka in the appetisers, which were all good and presentable. In the mains, we had butter pindi chole, dal makhni, palak paneer, butter naan, mix raita and rice. Drinks were average and needs great improvement, we had Virgin Majito and Bloody merry. Deserts were very good and authentic, we had Gulab jamun and chocolate decodence The staff was courteous and service was quick. I would recommend you for a lovely fine dining experience and food. Had a very good experience overall.

Food: 3.5/5

Ambience: 4/5

Price: 4/5

Service: 4.5/5

Monday, 12 March 2018

जी लूँ इत्मिनान से....

जी लूँ इत्मिनान से....

  मन चाही कर लूँ जी लूँ इत्मिनान से...,
नगमें कुछ लिख लूँ...जो भरे हो ज़ज्बात से...,
सोचूँगी फिर की मुझे...,अब क्या करना है |
 समझ लूँ रिश्तों की नई परिभाषा...,
आयाम नए कुछ गढ़ लूँ फिर सेपर्दे में छुप लूँ रुख को...,
सोचूँगी फिर की मुझे...अब क्या करना है |
 आज़ाद परिंदों सी उड़ान भर लूँ गगन में...मन मानस के स्मृति पटेल से...,
मिटा दू कुछ ख्यालों को निरन्तर चलते अन्तदुंद से...सोचूँगी फिर की मुझे....अब क्या करना है |
 कर लूँ महसूस इन एहसासों को...,
बरखा के बरस जाने का...,सावन के भर आने का...,
मिलन अंतिम तुम से जो जाने का एहसास कर लूँसोचूँगी फिर की मुझे...,अब क्या करना है |

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Latest addition to the list of amazing Drink n Dine options in Noida- Jokers

Lighting arrangement here is done a great amount of aesthetic sense as this place doesn’t feel humane at all. The staff was quite professional and friendly as well
although I and my friend (two females )went there on the last Valentine still they were so supportive that even after the great crowd, they managed to accommodate us.

We had their Jokers menu sizzlers accompanied with a glass of red wine and a bloody mary to treat ourselves.The paneer sizzler was amazing and it was clubbed with veg fried rice.

The combo of fried rice and paneer sizzlers was sure something to try at a restaurant like this

Although I felt the bar menu seems little over expensive compared to even decent ones but the cocktails we had was a great work of art by the bartender
The bartender even gives us the liberty to specially customised our drinks with the flavour of our own choices

Though space area is not very big and doesn’t have any terrace or other floors
however, even with the limited space, they do manage to pimp it well

Would not forget the choice of songs played indeed very great and foot tapping, it automatically turns your mood on to the atmosphere around. still, not some loud place with lots of people, Suits me though :-)

Food: 3.5/5

Ambience: 4/5

Price: 4/5

Service: 4.5/5

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Understanding the unsaid emotions...

Understanding the unsaid emotions

I believe we all have a desire to be succinctly understood. Sometimes we want that to happen magically but it doesn’t. Mannier times in our life we let fear stop us from speaking our mind, making amends or clearing the air in relationships only to regret it. If the other person falls ill or passes away. Whether they want to tell their partner how much of an impact they have on their life or tell their colleagues-they to forgive her. There is so much healing that is lost when the truth goes unsaid.
Self-expression can be challenging, especially. If you have been not encouraged to share your feelings as a child. Many people experience major blocks when it comes to communication around deep feelings. Yet on the other side of that fear of being vulnerable or of ‘doing it wrong’. There is endless probability of more love, forgiveness, and connection that really can be miraculous. Sometimes with just a few words a relationship can change course and start progressing in a better direction.
If you are someone who has difficulty expressing how you feel, start by questioning about yourself. You can begin by practising, at any point throughout your day, closing your eyes, taking a deep breath and naming three emotions you are experiencing. This simple yet effective exercise creates deeper self-knowledge. Once you begin to understand what is going on in your own emotional life, it will be easier to communicate your feelings to others.
While it may take time to feel totally at ease saying it like it is, the better self-expression is possible. The more honestly you share yourself with others the more meaningful and fulfilling your
relationships will be.

Monday, 18 December 2017

Jawed Habib launched new salon in Spice Mall, Sector-25A, Noida: Time to get pampered!

Taira Beauty Solutions in association with Jawed Habib launched new salon in Spice Mall, Sector-25A, Noida: Time to get pampered!

Taira Beauty Solutions in association with Jawed Habib launched its new hair and beauty studio, Jawed Habib at Spice Mall, Sector-25A, and Noida this festive season. Though there has been a small outlet here, with this outlet the group plans to establish its presence in Spice Mall, Sector-25A, Noida. The company plans to cater to customers looking out for premium services at reasonable prices.  Not only this Taira Beauty Solutions in association with BeinShape has also come up with the Slimming services packages, Skin Services, Laser services packages and weight loss. The event witnessed the launch of some more services under the umbrella of different beauty solutions services in association with Jawed Habib team, there are many the service which are not easily available in other salons. This is a protein treatment for hair that rebuilds broken hair bonds and the three-step procedure results in incredibly healthy hair and thus is important for hair that has been treated with chemicals. 

Franchisee owner Rakesh Raj of Jawed Habib and Beinshape, said, “We are delighted to launch Jawed Habib in Spice Mall, Sector-25A, Noida which is built on the belief of offering world-class services to its customers. The collaboration with Jawed Habib to come up was due to the fact that we have witnessed Jawed Habib’s satisfactory services over time and this encouraged us to work with the brand. Also, the reason behind choosing Spice Mall was that customers here are looking forward to superior services that give them satisfaction and we, at Jawed Habib use the best products which do not result in any kind of product or Skin damage. Thus, we meet the customer demands and plan to use this opportunity efficiently.”

Rakesh Raj, Owner & Director – Taira Beauty Solutions, added, “Jawed Habib, as a brand strives to keep its customers satisfied by offering the best products along with efficient services. We expect that this salon at Spice Mall will become a pioneer in beauty and hair services in the region. Also, we plan to open more salons by soon. We are coming up with another outlet in Logix Centre Mall, Noida.
Owner & Director- Rakesh Raj 
About Jawed Habib:

Jawed Habib has evolved together as a family over the last 3 generations and has espoused a culture of science and understanding that is used to style hair. Our employees are our assets who are meticulously trained on the innumerable scientific methods of hair cutting and styling that would directly benefit our treasured customers. To be even more specific, the methodology that we follow is what we call science-based styling and not just styling based on products.
Operating in 24 states and 110 cities in the country, currently, have 636 outlets in addition to establishments in Singapore and London