Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Why your mother is the strongest woman you will ever know

Why your mother is the strongest woman you will ever know

She used to be 22; figuring out that never-ending cycle of what she’s supposed to be doing with her life. She used to be 15; obsessing every day how to look more perfect than yesterday. Your mom had a whole other life before you came into it. She had own hobbies and aspirations, just like you have today, and she probably even had a huge crush on someone else who wasn’t your dad.
Whether you are close to your mom or not, you can’t necessarily deny how much she has done for you. You can’t deny the times when you were out with your friends while your mom was busy cleaning the whole house by herself when she would rather be resting or even be out with her own friends for a change. You can’t ignore the times when she would come home from an eight-hour-long tiring day, staying on her feet for another extra hour just to cook you dinner before you retire for the day.
Your mom is the complete definition of a strong woman. She cooks, she cleans, and she works tirelessly to help put a roof over your head. But that’s only the half of it.
Your mother is outstanding because of the motivation she tells herself every day during the tough times she feels like she can’t take it anymore. She is amazing because she is the heart of the family who knows exactly how to keep everybody calm and focused. She is one of a kind because the type of love she offers is something no one else can provide.
Its that type of love that only comes through with great mental capacity when her body is about to give out but her mind still tells her to hang in there for the last few seconds. The type where the phrase ‘I love you no matter what’ comes to life every single day when her patience becomes stronger than her pride.
No one can compare to the strength of a mother. She not only exceeds the physicality of her the capacities when taking care of you, your sister and/or brother, and your dad at the same time. Though, the very thing that has always my curiosity and inspiration is the constant question that’s been lingering in my head for a while now. That question is, how in the world could a human being can handle all the physical and mental stress and responsibilities when taking care of somebody else other than themselves?
I guess no one will be able to answer this question. I have great respect for every mother out there because of this. As a young adolescent woman in her 20s trying to figure out where her life is going to go and still having to take care of herself in the process; I really could not imagine myself taking of any children right now, or anyone else.
That is why I respect to be very woman who has mastered how to love unconditionally, any human being who knows how to put others before themselves for a change, and an individual who knows the difference between loving someone for who they are and loving the idea of who they want them to be. Happy Mother’s Day.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Flavours of South...sadly has no flavours

As the weekend was almost there on Friday evening I was in no mood to cook something for myself, on the other hand, I was not feeling like to eat usual north Indian food. Hence I thought to order something in South Indian. I was looking for some restaurant in the close by So, I zero down my selection to Flavours of South, considering I will defiantly get some relishing South Indian treat today. I placed an order for Combo2 which has ( 2 Vada+2Idlis+ Masala Dosa+ Uma + Rava Kesari). However, I was highly disappointed because the Masala Dosa and Upma had a pathetic taste and odour. The Idlis were also very hard and with bad odour.  The sambar was nothing else but a watery mix of some vegetables in it. I more I was excited about the food equally more I was disappointed and upset, ultimately I have to throw away most of the food. If the restaurant really wants to stay in the trade they seriously have to look into their kitchen and make major amendments.

Food: 2/5 Ambience: 2/5 Value for money: 1.5/5 Service: 2/5

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Neel Giri's - which offer good South Indian food

 Although I have been to this place earlier as well with my friends. However, yesterday I placed an order for south Indian Mini Tiffin, Although the restaurant also serves north Indian and Chinese, which are just average. The ambience is again just average like any small restaurant in your vicinity, but they serve superb south Indian food. About yesterday's food, everything was fine apart from rasam & Kesari Baath, it seems the rasam was more a liquid mix of red chilis with some salt and turmeric the was no other taste in it, talking about Kesari Baath it seems as if it is just cooked semolina with a pinch of  kesar to it rest there was no sweetness. Authorities of the restaurant really have to look into this. Also as a suggestion, I would like to say the restaurant needs a change in ambience or a complete makeover to attract more business.

Food: 3/5
Ambience: 2.5/5
Value for money: 3/5
Service: 2.5/5

Sunday, 6 May 2018

A Chilli...which is Yellow- The Yellow Chilli

A Chilli...which is Yellow- The Yellow Chilli 

Well, I went there for a  birthday party. This seems out to be a perfect option for the purpose.  Courteous and well-mannered staff with equally nice ambience and good taste.Amongst the many items which we ordered veg manchow soup was really good.Dal makhni has perfect taste and texture and so was the Paneer dhaniya Adraki All the dishes - ( raita, shahi paneer, dal makhni, mix veg, gobhi, and assorted pieces of bread.) seems out to be the perfect blend of spices. Ice cream and gulab jamun were the perfect desserts. And a perfect end to a tasteful evening! Overall very nice experience and would like to go there again to try more dishes. Lastly just want to add a point as feedback, if they work little on the lighting of the restaurant it will be great.


Monday, 30 April 2018

Life is way too short....

Life is way too short to be caring about people who limit you. If your worlds is about holding onto ways to limit you, to harness you in, like you are a horse made for the breaking. So you know what you should do? Be difficult. Don’t let it tame you. Dress in whatever zany thing you want. Eat that extra bag of crisps. Go to the movies dressed as a fairy or a vampire or whatever you want. Society made you care way too much about how you look to other people without ever asking. If the world keeps telling you who to be, turn around and show it who you are. And if people aren’t able to handle you being you and make fun of you, then that’s a reflection of how insecure they are to unapologetically be themselves. Not a reflection on the wonder, the fullness that is you. So be difficult, my dear. Be dangerous. And don’t let the anyone tame you.

It’s so consuming, isn’t it? Like a dark gas that fills up your entire body and makes you wonder if you’ll ever feel normal again.

 Sometimes it lasts for a day. Sometimes, two. Sometimes it’s a bad month or a bad year. Sometimes it’s because someone broke your heart. Sometimes it’s just because it’s winter and it’s dark all the time.

 Sometimes it’s because your friend just got promoted at work or experienced an incredible success in one way or another, and you’re still just sitting here, being plain old you, wanting to feel happy for them but instead feeling panicky about how much worse this makes you feel, and then feeling even more awful because what kind of person are you if you can’t even be happy for your friend?

  whether it’s because of a friend’s success or because of your own broken heart or because you miss the long and warm days of summer or because of no reason at all – and whether it lasts for a day or three days or 246 days, you’re not the first person to feel this way and you won’t be the last.

 I wish I could write you a list. A step-by-step guide to exactly what you need to do to stop feeling unhappy.

 But I can’t because that’s not how unhappiness works. There are certain things you can do to try to brighten your days a little bit – to make your home cosier and to do things that make you feel less alone .you need to find ways to help you keep your head above water until you can climb out of this hole. But there’s no trick to simply get rid of unhappiness, to wet your fingers and extinguish the flame in an instant.

  what you can do, in the meantime, is be kind to yourself. And being kind to yourself means a lot of different things. It means being gentle with yourself, and doing everything in your control to keep yourself comfortable and healthy – getting enough sleep, taking time to rest when you need it, going for walks, eating well, leaning on loved ones when things are really hard.

  being kind to yourself, especially when you’re unhappy, can also mean being hard on yourself. Refusing to let yourself wallow. Getting out of bed and making yourself go to work, no matter how cold or dark it is outside, or how sad you feel internal. Forcing yourself to exercise, even if it’s the last thing you want to do, even if all it means is walking outdoors for twelve minutes.

 Taking your friends up on their offer to spend time with you, even when all you feel like doing is hiding under the covers and being alone – because you know, deep down, no matter what you feel like doing on the surface, that what you really need is to be in the company of people who love you.

 You have to do these things, these harder things, when you’re unhappy. You have to be strong, you have to take care of yourself. You have to tell yourself you are tough, repeatedly, every single day, even if you don’t believe it. You have to keep moving, you have to keep going.

 The people who got out of these dark times before you weren’t better than you, or stronger than you, or less burdened than you. They felt weak and sad and like they were barely hanging on – just like you. BUT, they kept going.

 You’re not wrong for being unhappy. You’re not a freak or a failure. You’re not lazy or seeking attention. What you are is a person. And when you’re a person, sometimes you experience painful, almost-crippling bouts of unhappiness. Sometimes there is a reason for it, sometimes not.

 But all you need to remember is that you’re human, you’re okay, you’re not wrong for feeling this way. You have to be kind to yourself, you have to be kind enough to be hard on yourself. And most of all, you have to remember you’re not alone, you’re never alone, and this is exactly what connects you to every other person in this world.