Tuesday 28 January 2014

Kuch Pal Ab Jee Lene Do..

Kuch Pal Ab Jee Lene Do..

Jo kuch bachi hai yeh meri saanse toh inhe jee lene do...

Nahi jeena ab aur tookdo mei batt kar mujhe

Baki jo yeh kuch pal ab jee lene do..

Aaj yeh bandishe haatane do yaro

Aaj sari haade bhi bebash tod lene do,

 li hai udaan maine zindagi  ki mere hauslo se.

Aaj, ab, jara sa mera maan ki marji ho lene do

Baki jo yeh kuch pal ab jee lene do...

Yeh zinadgi meri muskurati par bohjal si,

Aaj hai bekarar se din raat bhi beparwah katil si

Dafn sine me aag liye jiye jaa rahe hai,

Ab ki ish aag ko jara sukoon mil jane do

Baki jo yeh kuch pal ab jee lene do..


Thursday 23 January 2014

Some unsung wishes...

Some unsung wishes...

My eyes are my feeling and my stance too
they blaze bright, when they relates to you.
My intestinal sunk, and my soul blows,
Why, I am perfect with you, my God knows.

Your deep brown eyes your tendering smile.
I’m lost my gaze on you, silently for the while.
When yours word journey from my ears to heart.
My heart beats faster, my depth get depart.

My realism it steals when your lips make me warm and shy,
though I lose but feel safe in your strong arms, don’t know why?
I need nothing much from you, I just want to hold you so close,
So you can feel, how much I loved you and still love you the most.

My feelings my words my poems,
I want to whisper those in your ear,
Which will reminds you always,

About my fearless love and my care,
If destiny allow me to wish, than it would be for you,
Be prefect be happy and may  your all wishes come true.


Saturday 18 January 2014

No one around...

All I see no one around

Felt forlorn and no scream
Once again broken and bent down

All I see no one around

I try to grip the soil as my eyes bleed
I try to make some ears listen my cry

Though I stood up again, but that was I am
Again all broken and bent down

All I see no one around

And it’s still night, Waiting for someone to come
Just to stood by my side, and say everything will be alright
But then no one came all I have today

All I see no one around

I wish this could be a dream
But when I listen my mourn

All I see no one around

And again feel broken
With my head bury down

All I see no one around


Pic courtesy - http://alwayslonliness.blogspot.in/2013/03/lonely-paintings.html

Tuesday 14 January 2014


A thought to share...“There are some of the best moments in our day to day life...though these moments are small but always cherished..., moments like- lying in bed listening to the rain outside…; and then thinking about the person you love..., a long drive with your beloved on a calm road..., finding money in your old jeans just when you need it…giggling over some silly jokes shared amongst group of friends...holding hand of your loved one...,getting a hug from someone who loves you...,the moment when your eyes fill with tears after a big laugh...”

Though these all are not something extraordinary but still if perceived proper can cast a spell on us.

Wish you all these moments in your life always...:) 

Saturday 11 January 2014

What is Love...

What is Love...

A thought to share...“ We all wonder ‘What is Love?’  I guess Love is..., when after a break up beloved calls his/her ex-partner purposely and say “Sorry woh.. Galti se lag gaya.. Aadat thi na.."

“Love is when you say I hate you, I don’t ever call or message me, and your beloved smiles back saying "You can’t... I bet... You can’t..."

“Love is when you realise no one in this world can be as sweet and true as your beloved...”

Love is when you tightly hold hand of your beloved or give a tight hug saying you are mine...”  Love is in all these small things which matter a lot.

Love is beyond any explanation, but love is in all small things which we do for our loved ones, so one should not stop expressing love.

Saturday 4 January 2014

High time...

Hi friends.

Today with the help of this post of mine I would like to draw your attention towards one of the serious issues plaguing our society, and would also like to appeal for help and advice. The issue is stalking and harassment of women in broad daylight. Today the tech savvy younger generation is ensuring that the atrocities against women are brought out in public domain and effort is on to educate people to respect our women.   The social media is playing a very active role in this. Despite the public outrage towards the crime against women in the country it is sad to state that still some people have the audacity to harass women by staking then or staring cheaply at then. Such people make lewd comments, inappropriate remarks and even resort to eve-teasing. They keep on doing such thing till you do manage to evade them. The harassment of by such persons at times makes the women really scared of the whole situation.  At times situation does become nasty, and goes out of control. In the event of the woman in question requesting police help she is not spared as the police help takes time to arrive and by that time the damage has been done. This is a clear example of "Gunda Gardi" that is displayed around us in broad daylight. The ruffians have the audacity to believe that they have a right on every woman whom they fancy. It does speak volumes of the nature and character of these men who are a scourge on our society.  Friends please support and share this post on your page and do give your views as well. It is high time we put an effort to eradicate this totally from our society. By fair or foul means this scourge has to be brought to its logical end. We do have men who go all out to help the women in case of such difficulties but such men are outnumbered. It is time we take it upon our self to turn this sorry state of affairs to a state where our women do not hesitate to wear what they want and do what they want without fear.