Saturday 29 August 2015


BOOK REVIEW - World's Best Boyfriend” BY Durjoy Datta 

 It is a very interesting story that is spread across the world of two adult teens, Dhruv and Aranya who hate each other. Something that happened back in school has drifted them away from each other and given birth to a hate so intense that one’s misery makes the other person smile.

A fine lad ‘Dhruv’, a scared girl ‘Aranya’, domestic issues, their lives entwined with bonds of love and hate but what will stretch them far or what is it that will bring them back together. Fate brings them together in college again. However, being grownups does not change anything. They still want to hurt each other badly. This leads to a war between them where both of them keep looking for chances to go after each other’s throat, still this story manages to take the readers into a journey filled with laughter, heartbreaks, love and other stuff almost every person must have gone through in their college times.

The entire sanctity of the troubled domestic issues and personal rifts being lost in the haze of volley of expletives and random nitpicking on each other. There's no agenda at hand when it comes to the girl's disease so much so that it is wrapped up even before it folds. The characters playing hide and seek which again looks abrupt and hollow and the shallow machismo of Dhruv relying on muscles and porn and masturbation and alcohol is a huge turn off.

Are the bonds sacred or are they scattered and tattered pieces of nothingness? It's a fight for survival in a cruel world, who will live up to the expectations? The robust angry Dhruv or the shy and pompous Aranya? That's what the story is all about.
Yet, there is something that tells them: This is not it.  

 Now my Positive viewpoints:

The positives of the story that demanded a lot from the reader can be the mental and physical stand -off between Dhruv & Aranya. A godly friend and enemy in Sanchit, a story bathed in the college hues and horizon and the struggle to get your priorities right in live be it love, life or career. Only few of these things catch the attention.

 Some suggestive points:

  Overall the book is not impressive as the past ones, may be the climax of World’s Best Boyfriend could have been altered. Or maybe, the story should not have proceeded as it did because there is a lot more than that there's no concrete line of decency and expletives drive the book.

 Final words:

  Overall if asked I would say... the book hell bent on recreating the yesteryear magic of college and romance is an entirely pauper attempt. The only riches you grab out from the book are scanty and rest relies heavily on crude and intolerable maniacal story line. A lot more than that there's no concrete line of decency and expletives drive the book. A failed attempt at humor and a bigger failure at letting romance be sensual or starry eyed. “An old wine in a new bottle with a wrong combo” .“World's Best Boyfriend” BY Durjoy Datta … I would give 2 stars to this book.​