Monday, 19 August 2019

Our special Pind-Pind Balluchi (Regal Building-Connaught Place)

I visited this place and had an all-vegetarian dinner. The food was so satisfying and tasty I am not so sure about other branches of Pind Balluchi, but the CP branch was too good and I highly recommend it. Talking about the ambiance, I must say the place was cozy and live with high chairs, dim lights making it an amazing place for lunch or dinner. It's a decent place to hang out with friends or family. They have a fair waiting time but the food is most of the times worth that wait. The staff is cordial and the music is good to go with food. One thing is that the menu can be made a bit more versatile, other than that the place is brilliant. The place is great for family get together; the place is designed to give you a look and feel of Punjab. The food is great service is also good. You will love the ambiance once you enter the place. And if u are lucky enough they also offer on the move musician and the sound of music just brightens up your mood. Visiting here is always a value for money and they put in their little extra effort.  So that your dining experience should be a good experience and it will make your time worth it. But do remember you might have to wait for some time if going for dinner. You get on-demand waiter service by pressing the button that on your table to decision them.  The costs of fine feeding, approx, value for two-person is along with was drinks ₹2000.

Monday, 12 August 2019

Chilli which is Yellow- The Yellow Chilli (V3S Mall)

Went for dinner on Saturday night, it's a big restaurant with good capacity, got a decent seating, overall food ordered was all main course and all veg, the quantity was good enough for 2 people. But, iI was really disappointed with the serving style of yellow chilli. The name of this restaurant is given by famous chef Sanjeev Kapoor. So, it is a little costly. The food is really delicious. However, you may face some delay in serving but it will worth when the food comes. This restaurant is a complete package and paradise for all the food lovers, as here they offer veg and non-veg food as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Their Lalla Mussa dal, paneer taka-tak, platter and nans are to die for. Hats off to Sir Sanjeev Kapoor for creating this soul satisfying marvel. Surprisingly did not understand why did they remove Khasta roti from the menu? It was...yummy. Prices are good from the point of view of fine dining, approx. cost for 2 people is ₹1500-2000. The place is large for a gathering of 15-20 people but nothing much to do here except having drinks and food Overall it had been sensible in atmosphere and style.

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Tempting Chaat from Ashok Chaat Corner

  It was almost after ages I went to explore this place as the majority of my childhood was spent in these by lanes only. Located just on the corner of Chawri bazar and could be easily located near Chawri bazar metro station gate no 2. This is a small shop usually crowded. I have tried their famous papdi Bhalla chaat, the papdi was crispy and Bhalla was spongy and melt in the mouth giving it a nice texture. The chutneys used were amazing with good tanginess and the added spiciness to the dish was amazing and the curd was complimenting it well by soothing it nicely, it was a wonderful combination and great choice of flavors. Their gol gappas were super amazing too with refreshing paani and crispiness. The fuss about the place is real. Good place to grab a quick bite if you like to eat or a chaat fan. Overall a nice place to explore, if you are a fan of Chaat.
 Taste: 4.5/5
Service: 3/5
Ambience: 2/5
Value for money: 2/5

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Sweets with Standard-Standard Sweets-Chawri Bazar

   It was almost after ages I went to explore this place as the majority of my childhood was spent in these by lanes only. This small outlet can be found in the busy lanes of Chawri Bazar. This place is located near Chawri bazaar metro station and serves great breakfast options. They are well known for their preparation in desi ghee. I have tried their bedmi and maida Puri with Sabzi which was amazing. The Malpua with Halwa was too good.  Apart from this, they have other sweets as well but the best recommended is these only. Their staff is cooperative and the service is nice. Overall a nice place to explore breakfast option, if you are a fan of puris and sweets.  Taste: 4.5/5Service: 3/5Ambience: 2/5Value for money: 4/5