Thursday 20 October 2016

Meet the Flying Jatt on Zee Cinema 22 oct 2016

Meet our Desi Superhero … here comes A Flying Jatt!
10 reasons to watch the film on Zee Cinema on 22 Oct@8PM

We all have been watching stories about super heroes, since yester days, However here is the one to make the difference in the league. A real life super hero- Our very own the Fly Jatt an amazing story to watch.

Here are 10 different reasons, which will make you and persuade you to watch the Fly Jatt on 22 Oct 2016 at 08:00 on Zee Cinema

1.       India’s first flying Superhero
India’s first flying superhero – A Flying Jatt saves the day in the coolest way. Bestowed not only with this incredible superpower our man can also display some jaw-dropping martial art moves.

2       This Superhero has a Supermom
Most of the superheroes that we know pledge to save the world and have lost their parents to an accident. But this super hero has a supermom who constantly reminds him of his duties. A typical Indian mother, she scolds him every time his reluctant to use his superpowers. She definitely is a supermom!

3       Powers + Killer dance moves = Legendary Superhero
You might be Superman or Batman but one thing our flying Jatt wins at is killer dance moves. Saving the world and burning the dance floor all in one - WOW! Now that is what they call a superhero. Let’s shake our booty on the beat with this superhero.

4       The youngest Superhero
Hrithik Roshan and Shah Rukh Khan also had special powers in movies like Krrish and Ra.One respectively. But what sets Tiger Shroff apart is his age. At 26, he bagged a superhero movie as his third film while the others have had a longer run in films before had a long career preceding their superhero ventures.

5       Jatt Fly Karda
As the name suggests, Flying Jatt is all about a superhero who not only goes all out to save his city, but also believes in his prime religious duty of helping mankind. He is the first superhero who has incorporated his human and religious sensibilities in saving his city.

6       Accidental superhero
Our very own superhero was not born with these powers but became a superhero by accident. A superhero at heart and and one who is courageous enough to fight despite being scared is what makes a ordinary man a true superhero.

          Do your chores before you catch the ‘chors’
He is no ordinary superhero because at home, he has to do all the chores like any other child. From lending a helping hand in cleaning the house or buying vegetables, this superhero has to do it all. He might be a superhero for the world but at home, you have to do what your mother asks you to do.

8       A hero with a consciousness:
We all have to give back to our society and the Flying Jatt definitely believes in this.  A protector of mother nature and a condemner of pollution, this superhero does all to protect the environment.

9     A child at heart:
He might have a serious job at hand but he is a child at heart. This is what sets him apart making him a fun, relatable superhero. He has the superpowers but he also has a child in him who will touch your hearts.

1   He is coming to meet you soon
This superhero has no airs about having special powers and is very down to earth and humble. So, he has decided to meet you and save his beloved city of Amritsar with the World Television Premiere of his film, A Flying Jatt on 22nd October, 2016 at 8PM.

Thursday 13 October 2016


आदत सी हो गई है सबकी...,जुबान से फिर जाना आजकल...!

हो गया है लोगों को शौक...,मुहब्बत करना का शौक़ आजकल...!

मरते हर रोज ना जाने कितने चेहरों पर...,किस कदर आसान,हो गया इश्क़ आजकल...!

क्यों हो गई महदूद हर नज़र...,जिस्म तक ही आजकल...!

कोई नहीं जानता दिल की गहराई में उतरना...,पसन्द हैं नज़रों से गिरना आजकल...!

करना यकीं करना सब पर आँख बंद करके...,ये बेवकूफी 'दीप ' ना करना आजकल...!!!


Tuesday 11 October 2016

Author’s Interview: Questionnaire with Sachin Singh

So, for this month  featuring  author from Indian Literary                                 world  is Sachin Singh

I am a writer and an activist. Non-discriminate interaction with people from all walks of life is my hobby. That said I see people with equalitarian outlook. Since childhood I have seen a very scattered view of society where injustice, humiliation, exploitation and suffering prevailed quite palpably. My childhood sentiment used to get hurt at this sight. During adolescent age I realized that humanity is in danger. This realization motivated me to work for the cause of humanity.

Questionnaire with Sachin Singh

1.     How did you first get involved in with writing, are you an imaginative person?

Deeply observing the world around is an innate part of my nature. Since childhood days I used to structure my sentiments and thoughts into the form of articles or stories. But those remained confined under the pages of my personal diaries. During college days I used to devour books sitting for hours in the hostel and university library. Then I started sharing my thoughts on various issues through English newspapers. In the initial days itself I got mails and letters from readers reciprocating their own viewpoint on the published topics. It was encouraging as well as learning experience furthering my writing passion.

Though I present the stories from the perspective of fictional characters but most of the stories are of real life people. Employing imagination is a necessary mechanism for presenting the stories in an interesting and thought provoking way. Imagination is an integral part of a writer’s or artist’s frame of mind. So like any other writer I shape my writings with proportioned blend of realism and imagination. 

2.     What do you find most challenging about your writing?

I base my writings on a novel thematic concept. Depicting human life in a realistic tone requires a lot of intellectual exercise. This needs somewhat spiritual balance of heart and mind. Though it’s challenging but dedicated practice overcomes this challenge.

3.     What do you do when you are not writing?

I like reading books of different genre. It’s a cultivated pursuit which keeps me well engaged in the solitary confinements of my study room. I also prefer strolling around; sometimes taking long walks, seeing nature, people and their activities.  It refreshes me, keeps me connected with the nature and helps to understand and improve my perspective upon prevailing societal realities. 

4.     Where do you see yourself in the next 6 months, and 5 years down the road?

Focussing on work is my main concern. Since last many months I am working on my next book. Seeing or dreaming myself under the ambit of certain time limit is like an astrological prediction. Let life flow in its own spontaneous way.

5.     How do you keep coming up with material / content for your story?

Our society presents a vivid picture of human life. So the things and issues which we can see around provide ample content for writing. I thank almighty for blessing me with a photographic memory of the things. When I sit down to write naturally those observed scenes conjures up before my eyes. I jot them down on paper and then type it.

6.     Any specific tips you have for new writers who want to make it big in the world of published books?

Consistent reading habit is needed for bettering writing skill. Hard work is universal necessity for success in any arena of life which equally applies to the art of writing also.

7.     What’s the best thing a writer can give to his readers?

A writer needs to choose the language, theme and content in a way which makes it readable and graspable, simultaneously engaging and invigorating readers mind with good blend of learning and entertainment. 

8.     A lot of people are interested in writing for the money earning potential. What are some tips for people interesting in making money from writing? What are some realistic expectations in regards to what can be made?

An aspiring writer should not get besotted with money or commercialisation of his/her creativity. One should trust upon his competence. The rest aspect follows its own defined course.

9.      What motivates you most in life?

My struggling background. It always keeps me grounded and motivates me towards goodness.

10.  The majority of the readers tend to take sides due religion and such other   

Reading is also an art. If a reader gets preoccupied with certain biasness; there only the charm and basic purpose of reading gets mired. So it’s always better to read a book with open mind. Healthy criticism is an afterward process. 

11.  What is the story behind the name of your book?

Since the book depicts glimpses of life of people belonging to rural and small town areas so I believe the book is suitably titled “Panorama of Life”.

12.  What are your views on increasing plagiarism?

Plagiarism is a manifestation of chronic greed for overnight success.  The distracted individuals nursing off-centred ambition gets lured up to such things. The joy of original thinking is ultimate and a sane mind enjoys the journey of writing in a uniquely meaningful way.