Monday 27 April 2015

Just a memory...

Thoughts of you...
Are still lingering in my head...,
Sometimes I wonder if they'd ever be over...
When I go to off to my bed...,

But, I still thinking of you...
Even when. I fall into sleep...,
And then I wake up to the fact...
That you still don’t want me to be there...,

I’m trying hard to get over and move on..
But I can't entirely do this...,
All I am doing is trying to forget everything...
And remember just nothing of you...,

I’d do all whatever it takes...
Walk in the rain, pouring words on paper...,
I’d even force my way...,
Into love again once again...,

Nevertheless now all I can do...
Is waiting and see through the things....
All through these days of hardship...
And how they'll treat me...,

Coz I am trying to get over...
And this can’t entirely be...,
I am trying to forget everything...
And remember nothing about you....,

But how can I, I can’t...
Coz you’re the one who made the decisions...,
Now we have to pay for it...
And now that we know it. I can’t fake...,

For me these rhymes...
Are made for mourning...,
For me these rhymes are...
Just the beginnings of my shout out...,

Coz I realized that I should get over with it now...
Maybe not completely in one go...,
But just enough to know...
That those were just a memory...


Saturday 25 April 2015

#Kose Bloggers Meet & Unforgettable Journey

Though it’s late but as it is said, better late than never, so finally here's my post for the Kose-Indi meet. This is being held almost after long gap of nine months.  As usual Indiblogger meet are fun-filled, sheer craziness with fellow blogger not a single moment of boredom one can have there. This meet was specially organised for female and fashion bloggers, though as a special invite few exclusive male bloggers  like – Mr. Khanduja, Rahul Prabhakar, Dr. Manoj Dubey, Shwetabh Mathur were also invited. It was all about meeting fellow bloggers, delicious food, few drinks, non-stop chit-chatting and of course KOSE... & KOSE!

Because of prior professional commitment on the same day, I started from Pritampura (North-West Delhi) at 4:00 pm. considering my mode of transport (Metro) the fastest available mode at that time; I reached at the venue, Hyatt Regency, New Delhi around 5.45 pm. As I entered the hotel thereafter started the main hurdle to find out the exact venue in inside the huge The Hyatt Regency, New Delhi. As with the help of few internal employees and phone calls to my fellow blogger ‘Shwetabh Mather’ I manage to reach the right place. I saw some people were registering for the meet, few known ones (Shwetabh, Rahul Prabhakar and Priyanka Dey) were having coffee and others were just networking. Bloggers actively and enthusiastically participated and had a great time socializing with like-minded people who share the same passion for writing. After the registration as I turned around found always energized Indi core team members Vineet and Karthik, pleasantries (in a form of friendly hug) were exchanged  with both of them. 

Then we all headed inside the ball room area for the meet to start. And it started with our very own favourite Anoop his great words which in turn floated the fun, laughter all across the hall. We all were asked to do an activity. The activity was to collect anything personal from the other fellow bloggers and the twist was they cannot return it, isn't it an interesting way to mingle with others fellow bloggers.

Well, I am amazed how do these guys (Indi Core Team) always find such new and amazing ways to engage and entertain us moreover manage to never have a dull moment. Kudos to Indi Team. Well, I managed to collect 10 personal items. After this the second activity which followed was our all time favourite number game which is another way to introduce yourself to everyone present there. I also got a chance to talk about myself, my blog and my experience with Indiblogger in '30 seconds of fame'.

After all these activities, an eloquent introduction about the company was given by the Team KOSÉ.

Here's a little about the company - Kosé is a Japan based cosmetic and beauty brand famous all across the world. It's a 40 years old skincare company and biggest one in Japan with over 450 billion yen market value. They are the one who introduced first beauty serum in 1975 and also the proud inventors of first powder foundation in the year 1976. After 3 years of research and many surveys on getting to know the requirements of Indians, they launched SPAWAKE. This range does not have any fruits extracts or harsh chemicals.

As of now their product line include face wash, face mask, scrub, fairness cream for day and night and a fairness gel.

After all this information was shared, the face of the product i.e. the brand ambassador of Kosé India was revealed. It is Bollywood's one of the talented and gorgeous actress Aditi Rao Hydari. She was wearing a long sequin gown and was looking beautiful and stunning. She praised the product and also talked about the underwater shoot for the advertisement. Since the arrival of actress Aditi Rao Hydari, Rahul Prabhakar was so mesmerized with her as he was all throughout was talking about her only. Even though the presentation from Kose team was still on but me and Rahul took liberty and went ahead to actress Aditi Rao Hydari asking her permission to click on selfie with her to which she promised to do after the presentation got over. Then we had a chance to talk to the Kosé team and Aditi Rao Hydari where they answered all the questions bloggers asked them. Later there was a musical event.

Around 9 the dinner was served, the hall was filled with the aroma of different delicacies, sound of glasses clinking, people cheered and happy faces all around. We all also got a gift hamper from the team Kosé, which includes a huge wooden box and it has all the Spawake products that they have launched and it also has a small hand towel, a hand-mirror and an 8GB pen drive. Isn't it awesome? While we all were having food the music in the background was so peppy and foot tapping that it was encouraging many of us to start dancing and finally with the green signal from Vineet me, Simarjeet, Dr. Manoj Dubey and Priyanka Dey we hit the stage to top it up we even dragged along the Kose team members to shake a leg with us!

The crazy fun and masti was all around but then I had to leave as I opted for the indi bus service for my drop to home. Hence leaving all of them I head to exit, where again I met Vineet who asked me if I am going via Indi bus and on which route as I informed him about my route he immediately called Karthik and other members to inform and hold back the bus. In the lobby area I found Karthik who guided me to the bus which was going towards my location. It is really amazing thing how the whole Indi team manages everything from meets to activities and then the tedious task of drop out routes (Even though they are not very well versed with Delhi routes).

The Indi bus route was again planned very well this time also only thing was, there was one new blogger from Sarita Vihar, Delhi who came for the first time to Indi meet and even she was new in Delhi. She was accommodated in this route to which few other were not happy and they started created fuss as they wanted the bus to go directly towards Mayur Vihar Extension first then to any other places they were completely uncooperative and stubborn after a lot of discussion finally the bus moved but there was more to come as the bus developed a snag and as a result the bus now could not moved beyond the speed of 30kmph and worst was driver was not aware with routes.

The first drop as decided was at Sarita Vihar after which these girls from Mayur Vihar Extension got adamant to take the bus to Mayur Vihar first and not following the rest of the route. We all had major argument but all in vain and the bus took u-turn to go to Mayur Vihar first. Above all when we reached near Mayur Vihar Extension we all discovered that instead of taking a drop at home these girls got down on main road as there was someone to pick them.

To make the long story short my purpose writing this long description here is, if we are given some comfort for our safety and security we should understand that and should not take disadvantage of it. We talk about so much but when it comes to be cooperative and human we forget that.

Anyhow coming back to my Kose meet experience and to conclude next day I tried their products, they were very light on the skin and to be very honest I really like the face wash, it's non lathering and because it has seaweeds, it gives a very fresh feel. It is definitely worth to give it a try. As Myntra is their official digital partner, you can buy SPAWAKE range from there online.

Here are a few pictures from the event:
Beautiful Hyatt... Isn't it?

All the officials of Team Kosé.

Activity time/ Networking for bloggers 

Ever Energised  Our Very Own Anoop

The Hud Hud Hud moment....

Selfie With #AditiRaoHydari

The Music & Dance event

Groupie with #AditiRaoHydari

#Spawake Kit

Tuesday 14 April 2015

We want Justice...Enough is Enough...

Recently it so happened that I got a chance to watch the BBC documentary, although as per the Indian Government, it is been banned all over in India. However, before the ban could be enforced few people downloaded it to their personal collection. So the same was done by one of my friend which gave me chance to watch it.  Before I share my views the most important thing that I would like to request each and everyone reading this article please do watch it as and when you get a chance see it and to understand it. 

The content in this documentary does not incite at all but force you to think what kind of human beings these culprits are? In fact I doubt if they are human beings at all. This documentary serves as a mirror as well as a looking glass towards the dark side of society.

To see in great detail what happened on the night of December 16, 2012. To understand what it means for you as an individual and for the country as a collective approach.

Yes, I am just trying to implore you to see it and decide for yourself how you feel about it. As per my opinion any Government cannot take this decision for you. 

Jyoti Singh, broadly referred to as Nirbhaya, was brutally raped and murdered in New Delhi. Her parents narrate their agonising last moments with their daughter. 

They refer to her with her real name and say they have no problem, on the other hand they felt confident in revealing her name, her identity, her unfulfilled dreams and her vision towards life.

Mukesh Singh's (one of the culprits) statements made news within three days after the telecast of this documentary. He is simply remorseless and narrates the details of the night like an event witnessed. He kept on insisting that he drove the bus and did not participate in other 'bad activities' that night.


The six of them, got drunk and decided to party and soon after picked up Jyoti and her friend in their bus. He remains devoid of any emotion - neither arrogant, nor repentant.

"I can't say why it happened" Mukesh says referring to the rape and murder.

"I knew nothing about her", he says and adds he got to know that she was studying to be a doctor from news reports.

“A girl is just like a flower. She is good looking, very soft and pleasant. On the other hand a man is just like a thorn, strong and tough. That flower always needs protection. If you put that flower in a gutter it is spoilt. If you put it in the temple, it is worshipped," This is the statement given by M.L. Sharma, the defence lawyer for the rapists, can be seen saying the same in the documentary.

He also says at one point in the documentary, "India has the best culture. No place for a woman in our culture."

"It's a very safe city," Pramod Kushwa, the Additional Deputy Commissioner, Delhi Police says about Delhi.

Delhi is a very safe city but the fact is that it is now also known as the rape capital. Jyoti Singh died of extreme injuries. The documentary is disturbing. It is meant to be. Acknowledging the present scenario, true state of India, and then to be pushed into making it safe not only for women, but for everyone is imperative. It will have to start with acceptance at the governance level.

If the Information and Broadcasting Ministry takes it down from the internet owing to the blanket ban on its broadcast that was announced on March 4, 2014, it will be a big loss for the things our Constitution stands for - democracy, freedom of speech and expression. Is it that, what is taught in schoolbooks is meant to be forgotten in real life? 

Even some of the Government officials said there is a "conspiracy to defame" India through the telecast of the documentary containing the interview of December 16 gangrape convict and would explore ways how its screening can be stopped even abroad.

Participating in a debate on the issue in Lok Sabha, Parliamentary Affairs Minister M Venkaiah Naidu said the telecast of the film can be banned in India but there is a conspiracy to defame India and the documentary can be telecast outside.

"We can ban the documentary in India but there is a conspiracy to defame India and the documentary can be telecast outside. We will also be examining what should be done," Naidu said adding, "The Home Minister has said he will talk to the I&B Minister and find out what is the way."

Even after the inhuman incident, every second day we all hear similar or more horrifying crimes against womanhood. The worst part is one of the culprit who was a minor at the time he committed this crime will be free from his  part of punishment and how will he learn a lesson in his life, moreover now he will be more confident in committing any kind of crime or in insulting women.

I would again implore that this documentary is not about any hate speech content, and is fit for viewing by every adult. It’s high time that our government should understand the need of the hour and take some strong decisions.

There are many cases of crime against woman (one of the example- Jessica murder case) which are still pending for a logical conclusion and closure. It’s high time that we rise to take stern measures in order to bring some semblance of a perfectly safe society. 

Thursday 9 April 2015

The soapbox: Interview With Dipali Sharma

     Dipali was born and brought up in Delhi. She completed her NTT from Bal Bharti Teacher Training Institute and her Bachelor’s degree in Humanities stream from Delhi University. She is an Information Technology professional, behavioral and product trainer by profession.

     Her vast experience spans more than nine years in various sectors of the corporate world from Teaching, BPO, direct marketing of fast moving consumer goods, and imparting training in different vertical streams and overall operations in organizations where she was employed.

Read More 

Tuesday 7 April 2015

बस और कुछ नहीं चाहिए...

बस और कुछ नहीं चाहिए...

तुम एक दिन मुझे मिल जाने का वादा करो...,

मेरी सुनी जिंदगी में...,बहार बन के आने का वादा करो...!

रहे है तन्हा बुहत हम तुम बिन..., मेरी तन्हाई मिटने का वादा करो..., 

बाँहो में भर के...,गले लागने का वादा करो...!

बस और कुछ नहीं चाहिए तुमसे मुझे आज़..., 

मेरी साँसो में बस जाने का वादा करो...!!!


Thursday 2 April 2015



 BOOK REVIEW- “Red is for Love, Black is for Kohl” by Priyanka Bhardwaj”

 very interesting story, explaining relationships, discovering some new bold aspects of friends, friendship and true love in today’s world while achieving dreams, ones dreams...

 The story is about love, relationships, friends, friendship and championship. Indeed it is true nothing is perfect in life, neither our life nor we ourselves. Whatever happens good or bad, it happens for a reason. Some things leave you happy and some leave you distressed. This story is one such about life and it is been pen down perfectly.

 The story revolves around Naina Shergil, a literature student at the University of Delhi, who is headstrong, super-smart, ambitious, and like many others of her age, juggling in so many college activities with her search of the perfect love. Her life is centred on friends, family and other acquaintances. Her bland spell of a boyfriend-less routine, is suddenly broken when she bumps into a hot young designer who twists her world sideways. Their relationship was not destined for sweetness and turn out to be just another cruel joke.

 However, her bold and never die attitude helps her getting along with many and getting over her past. Her equation with many change and then life takes a drastic turn and in comes Aarian Mehra to fill up the void left by some people in her life. From there on, its tiff between her mind and her thoughts and actions as all of them scuffle to overpower her completely.

Where will life take Naina? What role Aarian will play in her life? Will she be able to get some clarity? This is what the story is all about. It’s worth mentioning how writer has written those tear jerking portions. They seem so real and so emotional. I won’t say much about those chapters as I don’t want to spoil it for the readers but I just loved the way the book ended. It was a perfect climax for me.
 The climax was quite interesting with twists and turns to unfold the same you need to read this book.

 Now my Positive viewpoints:

 The concept of the story is really nice and absorbing. This is a good work done by the author for writing such a striking work of fiction. The poems composed in the book are deep and meaningful. The authenticity of the whole setup leaves a good impression while reading the book. Even the climax of the story has been scripted well. Overall, the book is highly recommended by me to all those who craves for romance fictions to pass their time on any given weekend. It will make you smile, it will make you laugh and it will make you cry. But most of all, it will brew that romantic feeling that will make you fall in love with your loved ones all over again.

 Some suggestive points:

 Overall the book is good and very well expressed. The twist in the climax seems more of a turnout from a filmy situation. Also, the slowness in the middle of the story at some places makes you lose interest. A little bit of emphasis on kohl could have been cut down to make it look more appealing.  

 Final words:

 Overall if asked I would say...this is an excellent job done by Author (Priyanka Bhardwaj) … I would give 4 stars to this book.