Friday 28 September 2018

Cafe from universal- Pluto's Cafe

 Although from exteriors this place seems to be one promising food joint but they sadly they don't set expectations.  Indeed they have arranged a good sitting arrangement and the lighting and interiors are also good (if one can ignore the outside chaos as it is situated on a crossroad so you will see a lot of traffic passing by).  Talking about the food is the biggest disappointment, their presentation of the food is good but on taste, everything seems to be compromised. I tried their momos, pastries, sandwiches, Pizza, and coffee. Sorry to say but nothing simply nothing seems fresh and tasteful, pastries and sandwich had a bad taste as if staled, the coffee was again nothing less than a mixture of little milk with more water and coffee. Talking about the service which is again pathetic, the staff here is not at all customer friendly. Considering the kind of food prices seems to be on the higher side. All in all is not so good experience and don’t worth a second visit at all unless someone is influence with ambiance.

Ambiance - 3/5 Service- 2/5  Food-1/5 Value for money: 2/5

Sweets place which is evergreen-Evergreen Sweets

  Sometimes, I wonder if Evergreen sweets have become some food chain, they have come up with outlets in various places in Noida and at the same time in Delhi as well. The variety of snacks served here are good especially sweets, pastries, and other tea time snack items. I personally have tried their  Gol-Gappe, tikki and Pav bhaji in the range of spicy snacks and in sweets I am fond of their Jalebi and Gulab jamun. Even their chole bhature is a complete meal in itself and a must try. Although they have to work little towards their servicing as I ordered Emarti ( a sweet) which was cook earlier, ideally before serving they should have warmed it up to enhance the taste but sadly they didn’t. So they need to work very hard towards the customer handling skills. This applies to their staff as well. Overall an average experience.

Ambiance - 3/5 Service- 3/5 . Food-3/5 Value for money: 4/5

Thursday 27 September 2018

Bit from - Big Bite Döner – BBD

This place is a new attraction for foodies in and around Mayur Vihar phase 3 location. They have a petite and brittle menu. One can get Burgers, Wraps, Salads, Beverages, Side Dishes and two varieties in Desserts. The ambiance of the place is nice and apt. Recently has tried their veg burger though they have (approx 5-6 options) I tried their “Cheese Potato surprise burger". Sadly when received  I didn’t find any cheese in it, like any local roadside burger stall there was mayonnaise and little cabbage in it. The other item I tried was their Veg Rice bowl, just like the burger the rice bowl was again the big disappointment as instead of spicy it was more of a sweetness as if cooked with tomato ketchup in it, the veg chunks were very hard to eat. For dessert, I ordered Choco Crepe but once again to my amazement there was not choco in it, in fact, there was more of creamy sugar syrup. This was the first and last awful experience with this place. Overall it was completely a disaster, will not recommend this place to other, unless someone wants to give it a try.
 Ambiance - 3/5 Service- 3/5  Food-3/5

Value for money: 4/5

Food for all Foodies- Foodiez

 Indeed this place is meant for fulfilling your craving for tangy spicy small plate snacks. A well-brought-up version of any street food stall, which you might not find anywhere else. It has got gol gappas, chole bhature,paav bhaji, and you name it and you will have its amazing street food items. Though I like their chole bhature, which are a must try. The best thing about this place is that it is pocket-friendly. I have been ordering from this place for quite a while. Although I approve of the quality and taste of the food, however at times it has been a disappointment as well. Maybe the management is not keeping a close watch on the cooking style of their cooks, also in my last order with them, the packaging was very bad as I ordered pav bhaji, because of the packaging the pav was completely smudged with bhaji when it reached me. To top it up even after the instructions the Bhalla papri was sent separately. Overall not so good experience so far.

Ambiance - 3/5
Service- 3/5
Value for money: 4/5

Wednesday 26 September 2018

Bhatia sweets vendor- Bhaita sweets

If you’re a resident of any place close to I P Extension, in east Delhi, this place is well as heaven for any chat lover. They make sure to maintain all hygiene levels when they serve any of the Chaat to their customers. That is one of the topmost reasons that I love this place even more. They have amazing taste and variety of Chaat and Golgappaas. They the finest Jalebi which are without any doubt my favorite. Amazingly crisp and light and never too sweet. The exact location: Balco Market, near Kanungo Apartment and Amrapali Apartments, on a visit to this place one should try- Golgappe, Jalebi, Ras Malai, Chaat, Chole Bhature. Although everything here is good, however still I would advise not to try Sambhar Vada and Samose because they are by and large cold and before serving the staff here at times doesn’t heat them properly. Ambiance - 3/5 Service- 3/5  Food-3/5 Value for money: 4/5

Sunday 2 September 2018

Pastry which are unique- Unique Pastry Shop

Having a sweet tooth, I am always in a search of good sweets, pastries, cakes etc. The other day I placed an online order for four different kinds of pastries to be delivered. The taste of all the pastries was really good. Starting from choco truffle, pineapple, brownie and fruit were the different flavours I chose.  All the pastries were extremely soft and lip-smacking. Choco truffle pastry is heaven for chocolate lovers and the fruit pastry was a new and welcome addition to my list of favourite flavours. The pineapple pastry was lighter than air.

All the pastries have delightful texture and taste which leaves a delicious aftertaste in the mouth and pampers the taste buds. Nonetheless, everything tasted very good but the packaging was the most saddening part. All the pastries were packed in a light paper box, during the delivery the pastries were press and the presentation of each pastry was mess up. Also, I noticed that there was no plastic wrapping around some pastries which I found in some of the pastries. I have made the personal visit to their outlet in I.P.extension and tried other pastries- mango, blueberry, pineapple, choco truffle, marble, black forest, eclair, choco delight, choco crunch, fudge pudding, choco ball and truffle pudding, all the pastries were yummy.
 Ambience - 3/5
 Service- 3/5
 Value for money: 4/5