Tuesday 8 October 2013

Book Review— ‘ I Played a Game with Life’ by Richard Son

Book Review— ‘I Played a Game with Life’ by Richard Son 

“An intEresting story about personal life struggles, Friendship,love and other overriding factors of today’s modern day traditional family survival… "
This is the novel by Richard Son … This is a story of Sam, today’s emblematic guy who love life happy and carefree, but has high ambition to exceeds and achieve more than a normal boy can hope to. Sam has his own set of worries, complains, and his never ending anguish with his family. A new college mate girl ‘Amritha ‘ a modern cool super rich girl enters Sam’s life and the moment he sets his eyes on her he knows she’s going to play hard to get, but cupid plays its role in between them, and take them into a world of romance.

When everything around seems smooth and as per the plan, in reality it just wasn't. This is when Life starts pressing down on Sam. Though Sam’s attitude about living life is to be happy and cool, he finds himself being tested. One after another problem sets him on perimeters to make him undergo that assessment which veritably ends up playing a game with Life. A game that ends when Life's travails get so hard that Sam is pushed to tears, situation and circumstances pushes him into a world of distress and culpability. Undergoing such problems and emotional turmoil, still Sam manages to grip on to hope. He struggle the turning points of his life when his father doesn't supports him in the cause and his struggle to set things right becomes a tough task. This is a story about lost hopes, fading ambitions, silence of an innocent soul, and intense love for a girl and in the end the price Sam pays for each and everything.

The story is real good example of hope, learning and implement, how to achieve success make dreams come true.

Now my Positive viewpoints:

The concept and climax is good, on each and every page it will teach you a lesson. The struggle and achievement of Sam is something very inspiring and narrated well. Indeed the story will shake up your emotions to understand the story of Sam and his life.

Some suggestive points:

Overall the book is really good and very well expressed; I would like to suggest that a little stringent editing was required as there are some typing errors in the book. The only drawback of the book is the description of happenings in college life. Which makes the first half is no different from many other stories in present times and reader tend to lose interest.
Final words:
Overall if asked I would say...this is a good job done by Author… (Richard Son) I would give 3 stars to this book.