Thursday 23 January 2014

Some unsung wishes...

My eyes are my feeling and my stance too
they blaze bright, when they relates to you.
My intestinal sunk, and my soul blows,
Why, I am perfect with you, my God knows.

Your deep brown eyes your tendering smile.
I’m lost my gaze on you, silently for the while.
When yours word journey from my ears to heart.
My heart beats faster, my depth get depart.

My realism it steals when your lips make me warm and shy,
though I lose but feel safe in your strong arms, don’t know why?
I need nothing much from you, I just want to hold you so close,
So you can feel, how much I loved you and still love you the most.

My feelings my words my poems,
I want to whisper those in your ear,
Which will reminds you always,

About my fearless love and my care,
If destiny allow me to wish, than it would be for you,
Be prefect be happy and may  your all wishes come true.