Saturday 24 June 2017

Questions of Why...

In a long time ..., for the first time,
So rejoiced .., I felt so happy,
I was in dire need of a shoulder ..., You came to me when.
There was no hope after tragedy .., You showed me.
You became my best friend.

The times we shared and the times we laughed.
Anything I could imagine.., Were priceless beyond
Uncertainty and difficulty .., We never knew the meaning of.
I showed you what it was like to be a fool, indeed a good fool
you taught me new ways of life.., And in return,

We grew as people, friends, and partners ..., The more we connected
I could trust and love once again You made me feel like
made me feel safe and wanted ..., the Words uttered out of your mouth
" how I feel. I adore you really..., Love is not a strong enough word to describe "

Yours were mine and my problems were yours
Something so special..., Blooming into something so deep,
Nothing else but each other..., we were blinded  
Days turned to months..., the hours turned into days
Feelings seem to flourish..., promises were never broken
This was real. So I thought...

Going so well.., Just as everything
Our battle of being together..., the distance began to win
Drifting apart.., we dedicated ourselves to making this work
We tried and tried... And just as everything was returning to they way they were
Love, devotion..., and adornment
You vanished into thin air as if you were just a dream

To this day.., my mind wonders how could something ..., so strong be defeated so easily
No words could express the confusion..., the doubt..., the feeling of foolishness
That runs through me as time goes by with an answer of Why....?
The last question left unanswered: Were you real or were you just one of my needs?

That is something that needs to be answered: One day, one lifetime
Very soon: I promise!