Friday 22 September 2017


Asian paints limited have been a renowned and known name in the paints industry for decades. They have been the undisputed market leader of the organized paints market and beat the nearest competition with a gap of almost 18%.

The organisation started in a garage, in 1942, by 4 friends namely Champaklal Choksey, Chimanlal Choksi, Suryakant Dani and Arvind Vakil. By 1967 the company gained the market leader position and since then the organization has only grown in size. One of the strongest points of the organization has always been bringing new and innovative products in the marketplace. They were the first to introduce a “washable distemper” in 1950 to the market that was predominantly dependent on powdered Chunna for their decorative needs. This was truly a product that occupied the large gap between the Chunna and the expensive plastic emulsions.

The organization has successfully changed the market game moving it away from a painter driven commodity to a consumer-led business whether it is there paint tinting machine called “Color world” or their painting solutions and estimates over the customer helpline.

The latest offering from the house of Asian Paints is Royale Atmos. The product aims at the decorative paint market and uses the power of activated carbon. Carbon as an element has unique properties that make it useful to create stealth in fighter aircraft to toothpaste.  One of the after-effects of a painting job is the chemical smell that lingers in the household for days. The chemical smell is the first thing that we notice before even the walls. The product uses the power of activated carbon and results in no after the smell of the paint. Moreover, the Atmos on the walls continue to give out a pleasant smell weeks after the painting. The product when applied on the wall absorbs formaldehyde that is a major air pollutant in the house. The activated carbon in the paint breaks it down into harmless molecules and thus making the air inside the house pollution free and fresh. 

The product is very efficient in absorbing the foul smell of cigarettes and rotten eggs. Royale Atmos from the house of Asian strictly complies with their policy of GREEN ASSURE and is available in the smooth rich matte finish and is with TEFLON SURFACE PROTECTOR thus making the paint film strong and long-lasting and fortified against any household water based stain. The paint gives a superior coverage with 2 coats of 140-160 sq ft/LTR and is available in 1750 special shades for the consumers.

So readers time to get rid of the bad smell and color your world with beautiful vibrant colors this festive season.