Friday 23 March 2018


The Faceless Saldirgan is a breath of fresh air in the growing stories about murder, rape, pain and abnormality as it doesn't just focus on the murder but is quite a lot about the psychology of the killer or the killer instinct, if I must put it that way. The ease with which the executes his meticulous plans and reaches his goal is amazing. While you would be intrigued by what happens in the end and are clueless in the puzzle about who the killer might be, very few could actually guess who the killer is and understand the grand finish the plot is reaching out for.

I usually get bored if the details are more and are not related to the story or, how do I put it pleasantly, not actively contributing to the story, but this was an exception. I actually read through the passages where biology, chemistry, psychology, quotes of religious texts was mentioned verbatim. This was because these small trinkets of information was more to do with the story than to show off the knowledge the author had about the topic or pointed out how lazy you were for not checking that on Google. The story could comfortably bring out the beauty in the characters and build the plot effectively.

To explore the talent of the master storyteller you need to read this book. Towards the end, I wished it could move faster. While the deaths were dealt clinically. Overall a good read, especially if you like murder mysteries and love a quick read. To explore the talent of the master storyteller you need to read this book.

Now my Positive viewpoints:

The positives of the story are the characters easily identifiable. Even though the narration is again easy to read and allows us to easily go through the entire story, tale is spread over long 24 years, but the novelist has chosen present tense all through, and story is intertwined in the past and the present. This style provides a simultaneous telling of many stories happened in different times together. The reader is immersed between the layers of the internal as well as as the external upheavals of various characters. There are many episodes that remains with you long after you keep the book back on the shelf. Jack, Ralph and John live an interesting life to say the least and Jack has the best of everything happening to him along with the beautiful Danielle who adds the jing to the story. Danielle is unfortunately killed off in a horrific manner right in the beginning and the Saldirgan makes a grand appearance albeit being faceless.

Some suggestive points:

Although the narration of the story is good but in my opinion,I wished it was faster but you can never get a perfect pause to the explosive end. While the deaths were dealt clinically, I would have preferred slightly more effect to the process. Overall a good read, especially if you like murder mysteries and love.

Final words:

Overall if asked I would say this is good job done by the author, the book is interesting and a fast read. The writer makes an storyline interesting with her narration abilities. I would give 3.5 stars to this book.