Friday 29 June 2018

From the Land of sand- Rajasthani Jeeman

 I was not in a mood to cook and wanted to try out something tasteful and interesting. And then I found Rajasthani Jeeman on Swiggy. I ordered for their Jeeman Dal Bati Thali @ 180 + delivery & taxes. Swiggy is always efficient so got my order in an hour (ordered at 8:00 pm got around 9 pm). I was ready with my plates and bowls and spoons. Although when I was handed over the Thali I was amazed to see a pizza box like a box with little containers and very well packaged food. The first impression indeed great.Talking about the food I had picked pulao but got steamed rice. There was dal, Gatte curry and kadhi, gatta curry. The Gatte curry was too spicy, dal was completely blended in taste and kadhi was way too sour. The curry was a big disappointment. The batis was soft and tasty. I also ordered two tawa rotis with desi ghee (but there was no ghee or anything).  The only best thing was Churma, which I really relished. rajasthani food is incomplete without  Lahsun chutney was heavily missed. Overall it was below average food not a proper value for money spent. Ambience - 4/5 Service- 3/5  Food-3/5 Value for money:3/5