Sunday 23 December 2018

Food from Mathru Sri

Located near the signal of hi-tech city as there no tiffins centres nearby so have been there multiple times. yes the food ,it's average to dine in, different opinions of south Indian tiffins available here with different types of rice like tomato rice, lemon rice e.t.c and coffee is good here . I have been here a couple of times with my friends for dinner and breakfast. Definitely a good place to have a quick bite. Because of its amazing location it attracts quite a good crowd from nearby work spaces. On a busy day you might have to wait for a table and food. One can find wide variety of tiffins, the quality is okay.However, they seriously need to work on few things as they should prefer to make oil free Puri, and the chutney which they make is not that much tasty as they use lesscoconut in chutney to make its quantity huge with low budget.The service is horrible, the only reason most of the people visit this place as it is the only tiffin centre covering a good radius and the staff behave like they own you. They make you wait and also yell at you if questioned. They clearly make you feel that you do not have an option. Guess what is even more disappointing ? And the parcel guy behaviour is rude. His behaviour changes based on the customer richness.

Food: 3/3



Value for money: 3/5