Sunday 24 February 2019

House of Waffles - Waffle House- Hyderabad


Great place to have some amazing waffles. They not only serve sweet waffles but also have some vegetable options. Waffles are Large and has the perfect amount of crunch on the surface. The Blueberry topping used are of higher quality as compared ​​to other places that seem to use some blueberry jam. The Strawberry waffles use fresh fruits and loaded with strawberries, and is the best one with Chocolate Waffles and Chocolate chip Waffles you can never go wrong with chocolate.Hands down the best waffle place in town.It's cozy place in the right area. The street across this place is quite and so it is inside the restaurant. Seating is very comfortable. It's a perfect place in the area if you want to spend a peaceful break over a coffee or may be some waffles. I liked the ambience. It's urban. Menu is very interesting. If you happen to visit this place, don't order any regular stuff like sandwiches or quesadillas but go for waffles. You'll love it. Recommend having with double scoop of ice cream. Relaxed seating and ambience. A bit slow service.

Food - 5/5

Ambience - 4.5

Service - 4/5

Value for money - 4/5