Tuesday 21 August 2012

Just to say..still.I Love you....

I really tried so hard to hide,
What I really feel inside,
I tried to show you that I'm fine,
That my heart is really mine.

But even though how much i try,
There's one thing I can't deny,
The fact that hey, I love you still,
And that is what i really feel.

I know that i should put this to end,
And accept that we're only just friends,
I don't know why I can't do,
Or should i say i don't want to?

I know it's kinda impossible,
But i'd still hope while i'm able,
I hope someday you'll open your heart,
And let us make a brand new start.

Let's forget all the others,
Your love and mine are all that matters,
Let's live our life together,
And forever love one another.

But if you think that my fantasy,
Is impossible, so I shouldn't plead,
Then i'll accept that we'll never be,
Coz I know you don't love me.

But don't ask me to stop loving you,
Coz that's one thing I can never do,
And if someday you ask me if i still do,
I'd say- Hey, i still love you!!

Just to say..still.I Love you...

Some feelings of a closed one appreciated and shared with you all........